The electronic cigarette is a smoking cessation tool. Stopping vaping is the continuation of your withdrawal. How do achieve it? Where to start quitting e-cigarettes? When is the right time? We take stock together and discover some tips and tricks to achieve this quickly.

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E-cigarette: how does it work?

Considered a real revolution for some, as an alternative to smoking cessation for others, the e-cig is an object that has become more democratic over the last decade. What are the basic principles of an e-cig? How does an electronic cigarette work?

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How to fill an electronic cigarette: explanations and advice

An electronic cigarette works on the principle of a heating resistor which vaporizes the product. It consists of 3 essential elements for its operation.

The clearomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that contains the liquid, in addition to being the liquid reservoir, it allows by its design to offer a tight (MTL) or aerial (DL) draw. It will also affect how we fill electronic cigarettes with liquid.

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What is an eGo electronic cigarette?

Let’s go back a bit and to the beginnings of the vape. The heater vaporization technology as we know it was invented and patented in 2005 by Mr  David Yunqiang Xiu. From there, appeared the cigar-like. These devices, taking up the design of classic cigarettes, were composed of a rechargeable battery and a mouthpiece containing the e-liquid to be vaporized. Inefficient and expensive cigarettes were quickly replaced by eGo electronic cigarettes, revolutionizing the world of vaping.

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How to choose the PG VG ratio of an e-liquid?

When you start in the vape 3 notions are important to choose your liquid

  • The nicotine level
  • The PG VG Difference: Flavor / Vapor
  • The rate of PG VG

The PG VG ratio of a vape e-liquid is often very little taken into consideration and yet is very important. Depending on the vape and the flavours you want to obtain, the PG VG rate will not be the same. There is a difference between PG and VG. And each of its components brings a different touch to your vaping liquid. Indeed, the PG / VG ratio will determine the flavour of the liquid, but not only … The best PG VG ratio will be the one that meets your needs but also that of your equipment.

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Tips: Electronic cigarette leak

Any vaper has already found himself faced with an unpredictable leak of liquid on his electronic cigarette or his clearomiser. And you wonder why your electronic cigarette is leaking e-liquid?

But don’t worry, we have anti-leak tips to solve your leaking electronic cigarette problem. Attention, it is important to specify that the leak comes from the clearomiser and not from the vaper. And before referring you to our anti-leak clearomizer section or our best vaper section, we will discuss together the different solutions to get your head out of the water ;). The e-liquid is contained only in the clearomiser or the atomiser. You will never find e-liquid in the battery itself. Unless you have leaks with a box bottom feeder! Does an electronic cigarette that does not leak exist?

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Healthier Vaping with nicotine salt

Invented in the USA, nicotine salt corresponds to a different form of nicotine in its liquid form, a form that differs from the nicotine found in our usual e-liquids.

This traditional form of nicotine, known as “base”, obviously remains the most widely used.

However, the many benefits of nicotine salts may challenge this popularity. To understand the benefits of this substance, we must first answer the question: what exactly is nicotine salt?

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