How to store your e-liquid?

You had fun during your e-liquid shopping session but you wonder how to store your e-liquids to keep them longer? Follow out tips!

How to store your e-liquid?

To ensure that your e-liquid lasts longer and retains its flavours without deteriorating, here are some tips:

Store your e-liquid in a place at room temperature

Heat is one of the elements that most affect the quality of your e-liquid. We recommend that you keep your e-liquids in a place at room temperature, the ideal storage temperature for e-liquids being between 18 and 20°C.

It is possible to place your e-liquid in the fridge or freezer without risk, however, even if the components of the bases of most e-liquids (PG/VG) do not react to negative temperatures, it is preferable to keep your e-liquid in a dry cupboard rather than in the freezer.

Keep your e-liquid away from light

UV rays are the number one enemy of an e-liquid! In contact with natural light, the components of your e-liquid will degrade much more quickly. Indeed, UV accelerates the oxidation of nicotine and the PG/VG base of your e-liquid.

If you forgot your bottle of e-liquid for a few days in the light, don’t panic: you can always vape an oxidized e-liquid without risk. However, the liquid will colour very quickly and quite intensely. As for its taste and smell, they are likely to be lightened and the effects of nicotine less present. To best preserve your e-liquid, you can also keep it in its original cardboard box!

Close the bottle tightly after each use

As its name suggests, oxygen is a strong oxidant and does not mix well with e-liquid. If you close your bottle incorrectly or leave it open for a few hours, your e-liquid may lose flavour and quality.

How long to keep an e-liquid open?

It is recommended to vape an e-liquid within 6 months of opening it, to enjoy its flavours to the fullest. As explained above, an opened e-liquid oxidizes faster than if the bottle remains sealed.

If you are an occasional vaper or want to take a break, we recommend that you do not leave e-liquid in the tank of your e-cigarette. The glass that makes up the tank is not suitable for optimal storage of e-liquid and often lets air through. Remember to empty your tank before each break!

Regarding a closed bottle of e-liquid, you can consume it up to about 2 years after its purchase, if it has been stored correctly (away from heat, light and well closed…you begin to know the song !.

Does an e-liquid expire?

Have you had an e-liquid for a long time and don’t know if you can still use it? Do not panic! To find out if your e-liquid is still good, look on the back of each bottle of e-liquid, you will find the indication DDM (Date of Minimum Durability) or DLUO (Date Limite d’Use Optimale) followed by a date. This data is used to determine when the aromas of your e-liquid will be at their best. After this date, you can still consume your e-liquid without any health risk, but its flavours may fade.