Whether you are a heavy smoker or an occasional smoker, you must have heard of PDT. Otherwise, be aware that it is a regulations concerning tobacco products. In application since January 1, 2017, it regulates in particular the limitation of the volumes of e-liquids to 10 ml. This explains why the nicotine boosters offered for sale are contained in a 10 ml bottle. As for the maximum rate of nicotine, it is 20 mg per ml. 

What is a nicotine booster?

A nicotine booster is, as the term suggests, a product containing nicotine. Note, however, that it also consists of propylene glycol (VG) and/or vegetable glycerin (PG).

This product is also known as a nicotine additive or nicotine base. In general, it does not vape as it is. Its followers use it mainly to add nicotine to an e-liquid or a DIY base that does not contain nicotine. In other words, from a nicotine booster and a 0 mg/ml nicotine bottle, they make their e-liquid.

You should also know that nicotine boosters on the market have different levels of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. We find in particular the following ratios:

  • 50/50, the ideal ratio to balance the flavours and the hit (tingling) in the throat
  • 70/30 for good aroma release and better hit production
  • 30/70 for a moderate hit
  • 15/85 to release beautiful vapours with a soft hit
  • 100% PG to enjoy an intense sensation in the throat
  • 100% VG to produce thick vapours with almost no-hit

How to use an e-liquid booster?

To make your e-liquid with a personalized nicotine dosage, you have to mix a basic bottle without nicotine with a booster that contains it. Be aware that this operation increases the volume of the liquid and reduces the level of nicotine.

Here are some examples :

  • Bottle of 10 ml of base at 0 mg/ml + booster of 10 ml at 20 mg/ml = 20 ml of base at 10 mg/ml.
  • Bottle of 10 ml of base at 0 mg/ml + 30 ml of booster at 20 mg/ml = 40 ml of base at 15 mg/ml.
  • Bottle of 20 ml of base in 0 mg/ml + 5 ml of booster at 20 mg/ml = 25 ml of base in 4 mg/ml.

A little calculation with the rule of three is therefore required to know the final nicotine level. However, it is also possible to use several bottles to obtain a larger quantity of nicotine base.

How to know the volume of nicotine bottles, which we need?

To know precisely the volume of booster you need for your DIY vaping, it is necessary to carry out a simple calculation. The formula is:

(Desired nicotine strength [in mg/ml] × Desired total volume in ml) ÷ 20 = Booster volume in ml

Example 1: Suppose you want a nicotine level of 3 mg/ml for a total volume of 10 ml. The calculation will be (3 mg/ml × 10 ml) ÷ 20 = 1.5 ml of booster. The remaining 8.5 ml will be completed by the bottle containing a non-nicotine base.

Example 2: In this case, we will assume that you want to vape 16 mg/ml of nicotine for a total volume of 1000 ml. The formula applies as follows: (16 mg/ml × 1000 ml) ÷ 20 = 800 ml of booster. To this volume, 200 ml of the base should be added to obtain 1000 ml.

Good to know

Once the mixture is well stirred, there is no waiting time. The solution obtained can therefore be consumed immediately.

Tips to simplify your calculations

Even those who are not fans of mathematics can prepare their DIY e-liquid. For this, they have to favour DIY packs which contain non-nicotine base bottles and are not filled. All you have to do is add one of the boosters contained in one of the boosters present in the pack. However, it is first necessary to choose the right level of nicotine and PG / VG.

Note that there are also online calculators to facilitate your DIY preparations. In any case, you can add various flavours to the base obtained to finalize it. Thus, your liquid will have a unique taste.

Good to know

It is recommended to prefer nicotine-free base bottles and boosters with identical propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin levels. This is to benefit from a homogeneous mixture.