The maintenance of an electronic cigarette can seem tedious. However, it is essential to guarantee the longevity of your vaper and ensure an optimal and tasty vape. Discover all the steps to clean your e-cigarette.

Why clean your e-cigarette?

Your electronic cigarette accompanies you everywhere, whether at work, on vacation or in the evening, it does not leave you.

It is handled several times a day, it slips into your pocket or your handbag.

You put it in your mouth, so it’s prone to dust and crumbs. With each change of e-liquid, a new flavour perfumes your clearomiser and it becomes clogged.

You don’t have to wait to change resistance to maintain it.

How to wash an electronic cigarette?

There are several techniques to clean your e-cigarette :

Water and soap

This is the most economical solution since you will only need water, soap and paper towels. You can clean all the parts except your resistance and the battery. Be sure to dry all parts thoroughly before use.

This technique works quite well. If your equipment is particularly dirty, the cleaning must be done more thoroughly.

White vinegar and baking soda

The famous duo works wonders in our interior, it is also very effective for cleaning electronic cigarettes.

Just dilute the white vinegar with the baking soda. Let your hardware soak. Be sure to rinse well with water before drying.

The ultrasound tank

This is the most effective solution, but also the most expensive. The ultrasonic bath is used to reach inaccessible places. The bubbles caused by the ultrasounds implode and allow the dirt to come off.

Clean the drip tip

The maintenance of an electronic cigarette must be regular and the cleaning of the drip tip must be done daily. The drip tip is the mouthpiece you put in your mouth to vape. This is the dirtiest part of your e-cigarette.

Dead skin, saliva, dust, this is what it contains. Very often, a simple wash with clean water and soap is enough. Be sure to rinse and dry it thoroughly before use.

Also remember to give it a thorough cleaning regularly, using a bottle brush or a small toothbrush to remove all the dirt. Follow our advice for an impeccable drip tip.

Clean the atomizer

Completely disassemble the atomizer. Remove the gaskets and check their condition. Be careful when disassembling, because you will have to reassemble it. Clean and dry using one of the techniques mentioned above.

If your electronic cigarette does not disassemble, for example, the Ego AIO, then do not put it under water. You need to clean it with vinegar and a rag. Water may damage your battery. To make your life easier, you can find all the user manuals for electronic cigarettes.

How to clean its resistance?

Resistance cannot be cleaned, it changes. If the latter is worn, throw it away, you will no longer be able to use it.

In the case of rebuildable atomizers

Like the atomizers, they are completely removable. You can also clean the mounting plate. Be careful not to deform the coils.

Do not use abrasive products, bring a small toothbrush (remember to recover that of your children who have a very small head, ideal for cleaning).

Cleaning of connections

Don’t hesitate to pass a little bit of absorbent paper between the screw threads to ensure a good connection.

Get into the habit of doing it regularly, for example, each time you refill your clearomiser. You can also use a damp cloth soaked in alcohol to disinfect.

Battery maintenance

It must be recognized that the batteries are quite abused by our community of vapers, between bad recharging, transport in the bottom of the bag, without protective cases, and damaged coatings.

Make sure your batteries are always clean and have no scratches, scratches or cracks.

Remember to favour loading by sector and not in the cigarette directly. If you notice that the wrap around it is damaged, feel free to redo it. 

You now know how to clean your electronic cigarette! You no longer have any excuses to postpone his interview.

In the meantime, good vape to all!