Whether they are fruity, refreshing, icy or gourmet, you can choose according to your desires and the mood of the moment the DIY aromas that will accompany you during this summer period!

Fruity DIY aromas

Fruity flavours have their place in the world of DIY aromas!

DIY concentrate manufacturers now offer thousands of varieties of fruity flavours for e-cigarette users! We find exotic fruits, strawberries, lemons, red fruits, citrus fruits, and other original fruits!

These balanced concentrated aromas, perfectly mastered by the flavourists of the major brands of DIY concentrates, reproduce with finesse the most complex fruit flavours to the delight of vapers!

These DIY aromas associated with a base allow you, thanks to accessories (container, bottle, measures, protections, materials) to prepare your DIY e-liquid yourself  (Do It Yourself)! To facilitate your dosage, find here our DIY aroma calculator, you will easily obtain the volume of the base, nicotine and concentrated aroma for the manufacture of your DIY e-liquids. 

Original fruit concentrates

 Original and unexpected fruits such as pitaya, or called dragon fruit, soursop, or other fruits such as passion fruit are more and more in the news.

The flavours of exotic or tropical fruits from hot countries or distant islands are very popular. Aromas are appreciated by many vapers who love original taste journeys!

There are also blends of new flavours such as spicy ginger, yuzu or cactus that bring fresh and subtle tones.

To obtain better quality aromas, it is recommended to prolong the maturation for several days according to the steeping data of the manufacturer.

Another tip is to sometimes add a few drops of freshness additives to the mixture to enhance a preparation when it is a little bland, and give you a thirst-quenching effect! 

Tropical DIY aromas

 Tropical aromas have taken their place in the world of DIY aromas! In this case, concentrates of Kiwi, papaya, guava, coconut and combinations of various fruits bring beautiful colours with exotic flavours! Similarly, very refreshing concentrates based on lychees or pineapples have a large number of fans today!

The acidity of certain fruits such as kiwi or lemon most of the time responds to the consumer’s cravings for exoticism, especially through its intense, original and so tangy flavours.

One of the most used and most sublimated tropical fruits among flavour manufacturers is undoubtedly the mango, which comes in dozens of different flavours with almost endless variations! Fruity, sweet, melting and refreshing mango!

To refresh your vapes this summer, also think about the freshness of coconut or coconut milk, this fruit gives an incomparable sweetness and beautiful exotic flavours from the islands!

DIY red fruit concentrates

The fruity aromas of red fruits such as blackcurrant, blueberry, currant and strawberry are particularly appreciated by vapers for their intensity and their powerful taste.

It should be noted that forest fruits such as blueberries and strawberries are sweet and juicy fruits, not to mention the scents of wild blackberries which bring intense flavours to the mouth. 

The acidity of small red berries such as currants is ideal for thrilling the taste buds! raspberries, on the other hand, are generally honoured for their concentrated aromas with tangy and sweet notes.

These red fruit juices transport us in tasty and fresh vapes to the delight of manufacturers!

Citrus-based concentrates are in the spotlight!

Sometimes neglected in winter, citrus-based concentrates are more in the spotlight during the summer! Mixes of lemons, limes or lemon juice associated with a freshness effect are among the intense aromas that can be savoured at the foot of a parasol or by the pool.

Flavours like orange, tangerine, grapefruit or clementine glide over the taste buds, you’ll feel like you’re tasting a real cocktail of tangy, sweet and refreshing fruits!

Refreshing classic fruits 

In terms of flavours, the majority of manufacturers have expanded their ranges of flavours with many new products, but also by strengthening their range with so-called more classic flavours!

Among the flavours of classic fruits, you will have a juicy and sweet peach mixed with apricot with tangy flavours. Without forgetting the smoothies which hold a special place because they are somewhere between the juice and the milkshake. We also distinguish the juicy, sweet and refreshing grapes, the fruitiness of a green apple and a very ripe pear.

With all its flavours, we very often have the feeling of having a perfect mix that is close to a delicious fruit cocktail accompanied by a slice of lemon or a wedge of tangy Granny apple!

DIY aromas with refreshing flavours!

You have successfully loaded your electronic cigarette, the summer aromas are ready to refresh your atomizer! Here is a selection of aromas with fresh flavours: mint, menthol, Pina colada, mojito, lemonade or liquorice. Intense flavours that bring an ice cube and refreshing effect!

You don’t need a refrigerator to enjoy refreshing lemonades, fresh cocktails or an explosive fruit granita.

Aromas with icy flavours!

If you discover DIY aromas, you will quickly realize that the aromas with icy flavours are varied. You will find vaping with icy sensations some mint aromas, and a mix of frozen liquorice that will give you a fresh and icy feeling. 

Thus, you will have the impression of pouring yourself a large glass of an extra cold drink, which you will enjoy tasting with a straw or in large sips to quench your thirst in summer. With its freshness, you will appreciate this flavour just as much for its invigorating side as for its subtle sweetness!

Fresh and frozen gourmet aromas

Among the fresh and frozen gourmet aromas, you have the choice between ice creams with multiple flavours for a gourmet sensation with frozen vanilla ice cream or very fresh vanilla custard cream!

Flavours such as tasty and fresh coconut milk seduce gourmets looking for exoticism, as does a soft cake coated in fresh ice cream! To end, take the time to savour a deliciously fresh and invigorating delicacy or a sumptuous, very refreshing blue raspberry granita!