The clearomiser is an essential part of your electronic cigarette.

Indeed, it is the clearomiser which provides the vapor, the tastes and diffuses the nicotine by heating the e-liquid thanks to the resistance present in its reservoir, also called “ tank ”.

It can be complicated to find the right clearomiser because there are a large number of models on sale on the market. Discover in this article, all the steps that will help you make your choice simply.

1. Which draw should I choose for my clearomiser?

There are two drawing methods:  the clearomizer with direct inhalation and the clearomizer with indirect inhalation.

  1. The clearomiser with a direct inhalation: its size can be imposing because it requires large resistors with a lot of watts. With this clearomiser, you will be able to produce a lot of vapor, while preserving the flavors of the e- liquids . Thus, the vaper can bring the vapour directly into his lungs.
  2. The clearomiser with indirect inhalation : its size is smaller and it can have a lower e-liquid capacity . It does not require many watts, nor a large battery to be effective. With this clearomiser, you will be able to obtain a very concentrated vapor in your mouth and a tight draw. It is the way of vaping that comes closest to the act of smoking.

You should know that there are also versatile clearomizers  that are used in direct and indirect inhalation depending on the resistance chosen. This type of clearomizer is very interesting because it will allow you to change the type of vape according to your desires.

The aeration of the clearomiser

Another important criterion to take into account is the aeration of the clearomiser.

Aeration corresponds to the passage of air which brings steam, flavours in the mouth and nicotine. It is this ventilation that provides the sensations in the throat, the famous hit .

You will often find the name “ airflow ” to designate the openings of the clearomiser which suck in more or less air. Generally the airflow is adjustable thanks to a rotating ring.

  • Fine openings provide a tight draw and are typically used for indirect inhaling.
  • Large openings increase vapour production and are often used for direct inhaling.

The choice of the drip tip

Another element not to be overlooked is the choice of the drip tip.

We have also written an article on, ” how to choose the right drip tip “, on our blog. The drip tip is the part that is in direct contact with the mouth. Made of different materials, it is usually supplied with the clearomiser.

2. How to choose the resistance of your vaper?

The resistor is the centerpiece of the clearomiser .

It is the resistance that heats the e- liquid with more or less power. The lower the value of the resistance, the more heat and steam it provides.

  • For a direct inhaling clearomiser , we advise you to use very low resistances, below 1.0 ohm, because they are ideal for the production of vapor.
  • For an indirect inhaling clearomiser , we advise you to use resistors of more or less 1 ohm, as they are ideal for the restitution of flavors and the diffusion of nicotine.

If you want more information, we have devoted a dedicated article to the resistance of your electronic cigarette , click here!

3. How to choose the right e-liquid?

Attention! All types of e-liquid are not necessarily suitable for all models of clearomizers.

Indeed, a clearomizer with small resistances will not go well with e- liquids that have a high Vegetable Glycerin (VG) level. Conversely, e-liquids with a higher Propylene Glycol (PG) rate than VG can cause leaks in large clearomizers.

We invite you to discover our article on the PG/VG rate in e-liquids directly in our blog.


Before buying your clearomiser, you must check:

  • the draw-type of the clearomiser: direct inhalation or indirect inhalation;
  • the value of the proposed resistors;
  • the capacity of the tank, because it is a criterion to take into account if you vape a lot;
  • the diameter of your clearomiser, because it must be adapted to the battery;
  • the model of the drip-tip, because it must be a standard 510 or 810 to be replaced if necessary.
  • the type of e liquid adapted to your clearomiser, in order to have an optimal vaping experience .