The world of vaping is full of ever more technical and interesting material for passionate vapers. The atomizer is the main element of the electronic cigarette, it defines the rendering of flavors in the mouth and the production of vapor returned by the material.

There are several types of atomizers, rebuildable or so-called repairable atomizers are different from clearomizers or pods, because they allow you to completely adapt your style of vape to your needs.

The rebuildable atomizer or learning to assemble your equipment.

Rebuildable atomizers are suitable for amateur vapers who devote time to their equipment. Unlike clearomizers and pods which offer effective solutions with ready-to-use resistors, the reconstructable atomizer requires you to assemble it yourself by creating its resistance (find out how to create its resistance and its cotton wick below). 

 So you are certainly wondering why switch to rebuildable atomizers?

Rebuildable atomizers have three advantages for vapers:

  •       The first reason is the financial aspect. A coil of clearomisers or pods generally costs between €2 and €5 and is changed weekly or bimonthly. While the resistors of reconstructable atomizers are mounted with resistive wires and a cotton wick, which are consumables that can be purchased in quantity; reduced to the unit, this represents a few cents.
  •       The second reason is your vaping experience! Are you keen to build your atomizer yourself to get what you like when you vape? With rebuildable atomizers, you can get the taste you like and the amount of vapour produced. With the number of ato on the market, you will necessarily find what will meet your needs!
  •       Finally, the last reason is your passion for vaping. The assembly of your atomizers is like a Sunday creative hobby on your sofa… Find new consumables to obtain new results or test new techniques, let your imagination run free, become a true master in the matter and enjoy your constructions, like in DIY!

Some tips on vocabulary to understand!

  •       The plate also called the base accommodates the connectors which allow connecting of the resistances with the positive and negative poles.
  •       Airflow: This is the hole placed on the plate through which the air enters the atomizer. It is often adjustable.
  •       The bell: It is at this level that the vaporization of the e-liquid is formed. Aspirated by the wicks, the e-liquid bubbles in contact with the resistance before turning into vapour.

What are the different types of rebuildable atomizers?

The purpose of the atomizer is to transform the e-liquid into vapour, but there are several types of reconstructable atomizers that work in a very different ways!

  •       The RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) is also called Dripper or Drip.

We also speak of ”  drip”, in fact unlike the others, the RDA atomizer does not hold a tank. The atomizer is in fact smaller and when unscrewed, it contains a plate with edges containing 2 and 4 studs to mount the resistance. 

Thus, you mount the resistance, that is to say, the resistive wires and the wick on the studs, in the tank. To fill with e-liquids, you must drop the e-liquid on the resistance to soak the system. 

The tank (edge ​​tray) allows you to store more coils and contains in the new RDAs at least 1 to 2ml of e-liquids, sometimes even more.

RDAs or drippers are suitable for vapers who like to change e-liquids often , because the e-liquid capacity is low.

If vapers like to make big clouds of vapours, Power Vaping or Vape Tricks, they will be served with RDA atomizers or drippers.

  •       The RTA or (Reconstructible Tank Atomizer). As indicated in its name, the RTA

has a ”  Tank  ” also called ”  Reservoir  ” with a capacity of 2ml to 7ml.

On this, the resistance plate can be located above (top coil) or below the tank (bottom coil).   With this, the plate and its resistors are immersed directly in the e-liquid.

There are several tanks or reservoirs: Pyrex, PMMA, and Innox which have different characteristics: transparent or not to see the level of liquid, plastic which is less well maintained, solidity, etc.

With RTA atomizers, you have the possibility of making different assemblies.

  •       Microcoil Cotton: a cotton wick blocked between tight loops
  •       Genesis or Montage Mesh: The wick looks like a steel spiral
  •       Silica fibre: This is reminiscent of white string at the heart of loose curls.

RTAs are suitable for vapers who vape a lot and who need a tank with a sufficient quantity of e-liquids to last the necessary time.

Then, it is the assembly of the RTA which will define which type of vaper it will be suitable for. If the assembly is carried out in Top Coil, on the top of the Tank, will release more heat during the suction of the vapor than if the assembly is carried out in bottom coil at the bottom of the tank. Most of the assemblies are made in the bottom coil to have a better rendering of flavours in the mouth.

  •       The RDTA ( Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer)

tries to combine the advantages of RDA and RTA by providing a tank for Drippers. Unlike the RTA, the tray is therefore not bathed in e-liquid, but cotton which is pumped directly into the tank. They can also be called ” auto-dripper “. 

The principle of the  RDTA   is to guarantee you   faithful  and particularly  flavored flavors , while bringing you the  comfort of a tank . 

We remind you that if you do not smoke, we do not recommend the use of electronic cigarettes, as well as if you are pregnant, a minor or if you have health problems.