At first, everyone is a bit worried about wasting some of the purchased e-liquid unnecessarily. It is therefore completely normal to want to be careful, especially since there is nothing worse than spilling an entire cartridge. Once you have followed all of our next tips, the talent for handling the electronic cigarette to perfection will come naturally to you.

Prepare and inspect the electronic cigarette tank

Before filling your tank, you must ensure that the battery is completely unscrewed. Take it out and put it in a safe place. The danger of draining your battery is minimal, but you still want to avoid it. If the battery gets waterlogged, it will likely stop working and need to be replaced.

The tank of your electronic cigarette is designed to last a certain time but you should ideally always do a little inspection when refilling. First, remove the plastic cap.

Some models will have a rubber ring just underneath, so feel free to remove that as well. Next, take a close look at the wicks. What you’re looking for here are burn marks around the wicks. If you see them, then consider replacing the tank.

Refill your electronic cigarette with e-liquid

The fastest and easiest way to refill is to gently drip the e-liquid. All you have to do is keep the reservoir slightly tilted and pour the e-liquid in small drops, one at a time, to avoid spills.

You will get between 25 and 30 drops in most cases. Try not to fill beyond three-quarters of the tank’s capacity. Beyond this measure, you increase your chances of losing some of your e-liquid unnecessarily. Once the tank is full, all you need to do is restore the rubber ring, the plastic cap, and finally the battery.

This process assumes that you refill your reservoir once emptied of its e-liquid. If you are going to change your tank in the middle of the previous dose of e-liquid, then you should not forget to take the necessary steps to get rid of “ghost flavours”.

Some tips for using your electronic cigarette

The first thing you should constantly check is the condition of your coil. A coil is supposed to last one or two weeks. If you are an occasional user, they may last a little longer, but if you use your electronic cigarette daily, you should remember to change your coil at least twice a month.

If you want to refill your tank, the best thing you can do is give your e-cigarette a few minutes to breathe. A delay of about five minutes makes all the difference to the performance of your device. This gives the cotton time to absorb the e-liquid so that it is distributed correctly with each hit.