The e-cigarette is often used to completely quit standard cigarettes. It must be recognized that many people have succeeded in this challenge. Also, the use of this type of cigarette is not limited to just that. You might also have fun making big vapours from time to time with the equipment. Here’s how to achieve a significant amount of vapour during each vaping.

Take note of weather conditions

Are you new to using an electronic cigarette? Be aware that you must take the weather conditions into account if you want to make a significant amount of vapour. This may be difficult to accept, but you should not overlook this detail. Be aware that PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) easily intercept water molecules. These will then be transformed into fine droplets by the atomizer.

The equipment will not create the amount of vapour you need if you find yourself in the rain in the high mountains. This is also valid if you are in the middle of the desert. Thus, you must take into account the amount of water in the air before using the electronic cigarette. Just use a hygrometer to be sure. Also, you will produce more vapour if you vape in the winter. The most important thing is not to use electronic cigarettes in a place with dry air.

Battery life

Note the power and battery life to produce a good amount of vapour. It is better to choose a 1600 or 2000 mAh battery if you are used to using a 650 or 900 mAh model. You can go directly with a mod or a box if you are already used to a 2000 mAh e-cigarette.

You should know that the performance of the resistance also depends on the power of the battery. For example, you could opt for a 30-watt model if the resistance is 0.5 ohm. The most important thing is to get the ideal power with the equipment. Do not hesitate to use an adjustable e-cigarette if you feel able.

It is important to check the compatibility between the battery and the resistance if you want to make big vapours during vaping. Note that pushing equipment items too far with each use can adversely affect their lifespan.

The choice of e-liquid is also important

Big vaping is easier if you choose the right e-liquid bottle. For this, it is important to find a product with a high level of VG (vegetable glycerin). This component is known for its vicious state while having a different nature from PG (propylene glycol).

Certainly, a high rate of VG favours the production of a large quantity of vapour. Also, you should know that the aromas will not be highlighted. This is because this component provides a boiling point of 255°C. Note that the threshold is 188°C for PG.

Remember that e-liquid with a high VG content is thicker when vaping. However, you could not produce the amount of vapour you need if the e-cigarette is not powerful enough.

The style of vaping to adopt

The way you vape is decisive for the production of vapour with the electronic cigarette. This consists above all in not keeping the vapour in the lungs for a long time with each inhalation. Indeed, you must take note of the fact that the vapour does not last long in the air. That’s why you should blow the steam as soon as possible.

It is also recommended to choose a direct inhalation to increase the volume of air you inhale. This allows you to create a good amount of vapour with each puff. Also, you should expect the e-cigarette to consume more e-liquid when vaping.

You could also opt for the “double train” method. This technique consists of chaining two puffs to obtain more vapour during inhalation. For this option, the first puff will be used to preheat the resistance. In this way, you will have no trouble reaching the optimum temperature with the electronic cigarette while producing more vapour.

Ensure the adjustment of the equipment

It is important to properly adjust your electronic cigarette before vaping. This is based in principle on the power (W) as well as the voltage (V) of the product. For this, the best option is to get an adjustable mod. This allows the equipment to be adjusted while taking into account the resistance of the atomizer.

Note that a coil that does not heat up very much will not produce the amount of vapour you need. Also, the e-cigarette may cause toxins if the resistance is too strong. This is because the equipment will consume more e-liquid than expected. As a result, you may feel a burning taste when vaping. You just have to find the right balance to create the right amount of vapour.

Choose the clearomizer that suits you

As you might expect, the setting of the equipment can determine the amount of vapour. For this, the quality of the clearomizer must be taken into account. Indeed, an entry-level model cannot offer you the amount of vapour that you expect.

Thus, the resistance installed on the product must be taken into account. The best option is to choose a low resistance against a high voltage. However, you should not overdo it so as not to quickly deteriorate the clearomiser. Remember to check the performance of the e-cigarette if by chance you have a sub-ohm resistance.

It is also recommended to choose an atomizer with a large airflow opening. You could perfectly opt for a model with adjustable airflow. Just adjust the aperture according to your needs. Note that you can get a rebuildable atomizer to enjoy more sensations with each vaping.