How to choose the PG VG ratio of an e-liquid?

When you start in the vape 3 notions are important to choose your liquid

  • The nicotine level
  • The PG VG Difference: Flavor / Vapor
  • The rate of PG VG

The PG VG ratio of a vape e-liquid is often very little taken into consideration and yet is very important. Depending on the vape and the flavours you want to obtain, the PG VG rate will not be the same. There is a difference between PG and VG. And each of its components brings a different touch to your vaping liquid. Indeed, the PG / VG ratio will determine the flavour of the liquid, but not only … The best PG VG ratio will be the one that meets your needs but also that of your equipment.

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Tips: Electronic cigarette leak

Any vaper has already found himself faced with an unpredictable leak of liquid on his electronic cigarette or his clearomiser. And you wonder why your electronic cigarette is leaking e-liquid?

But don’t worry, we have anti-leak tips to solve your leaking electronic cigarette problem. Attention, it is important to specify that the leak comes from the clearomiser and not from the vaper. And before referring you to our anti-leak clearomizer section or our best vaper section, we will discuss together the different solutions to get your head out of the water ;). The e-liquid is contained only in the clearomiser or the atomiser. You will never find e-liquid in the battery itself. Unless you have leaks with a box bottom feeder! Does an electronic cigarette that does not leak exist?

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Healthier Vaping with nicotine salt

Invented in the USA, nicotine salt corresponds to a different form of nicotine in its liquid form, a form that differs from the nicotine found in our usual e-liquids.

This traditional form of nicotine, known as “base”, obviously remains the most widely used.

However, the many benefits of nicotine salts may challenge this popularity. To understand the benefits of this substance, we must first answer the question: what exactly is nicotine salt?

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E-liquid brands of Bluebird

Did you get used to see photos of desserts on the bottles with e-liquid brands, looking at which you want to immediately escape to the confectioner’s? Designers from Bluebird like their bird more than the delicious products, and do not intend to indulge the desires of users. However, the gustatory qualities were not influenced at all. We go to watch the birds!

The basic information.
We should start a few words about the main thing. There are four multi-colored bird liquids in the vape juice brands list – a red bird, yellow, blue and a bird of happiness. Each taste is released in glass bottles with the tips of 30, 60 and e-liquid 120ml.

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The most compact models to buy Juul competitors Pod Devices

ALD Amaze Mango Kit is a well-thought-out POD system, an ergonomic device for a wide range of vapers who try to buy Juul competitors Pod Devices. A miniature and almost weightless electronic device, which is convenient to take everywhere with you.

The built-in battery capacity is enough for daily vaping. You can charge it via micro USB. The tank holds up to 2 ml of liquid, has a convenient filling system.
The best specialists have worked on the design to let you buy Juul competitors Pod Devices – the model has smooth streamlined shapes and looks stylish. Combined housing made of aluminum and plastic. Currently available in three colors – black, gray and green.

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The best mods for vape from Smoant

Smoant Charon Mini 225W are the best mods for vape from Smoant. Structurally, the box mod is similar to many of the company’s decisions with the main difference that now it has a large color screen with the ability to customize the display of all indicators, and inside there is a new Ant225 chip with a quick response of 0.015 seconds after pressing the “Fire” button.
Unlike many products of the company, the best mods for vape from Smoant can be considered closer to mass-market devices – simple external forms, a large bright display and a quiet industrial exterior design;

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E-liquid brands will improve your outlook you are not going to become a consumer of traditional smoking products alike pipes or cigars, but you would like to enjoy some special tastes, aromas. Then you will be right to decide that you admire the aromas of e-liquid brands. The difference is the selection of e-liquid flavors.

If you smoked before, then you should prefer some vape flavors without nicotine and consume them by decreasing the volumes of inhaled e-liquid nicotine.

Flavors are the basis of any liquid. You can of course get your favorite aroma, creating your own e-cigarette liquids! But sometimes it were better to rel on the opinions of professionals and buy vape juice online.

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Juul alternative UK all-in-one kit

Juul alternative UKThe SXK Billet Box DNA60 is an all-in-one kit that is a replica of the popular fourth revision Billet Box device, developed by Billet Box Vapor. The device is structurally a compact battery pack in the format of a cigarette pack, inside of which you can install various evaporation elements, which can be either simple as replaceable maintenance-free evaporators or quite serious developments from third-party modders. The replica was made by SXK and, in terms of electronics, it carries the popular Evolv DNA60 board with almost infinite possibilities for fine-tuning for various types of metals and for configuring the information displayed on the device’s screen – though for the setup you will need a computer with installed proprietary software from Evolv.

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Alter Pod Kit as a top Juul alternative

Vapers who monitor the development of the market can observe an interesting trend – the first ones were successfully superseded by powerful box mods that lost their positions after the advent of pod and AIO systems. OBS also decided to release its own version of such a top Juul alternative – Alter Pod Kit, which at first glance looks more like a small box mod. But at the same time it is functional, works with a removable cartridge on replaceable evaporators and has significant autonomy. We can confidently say that the OBS Alter Pod top Juul alternative will be of interest to many vapers, as the company’s specialists have non-standard solutions to questions and claims of vapers to conventional pod systems.

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Premium fruit juice brands mean some aromas in one bottle

Fruits do not only contain a great variety of vitamins, but, undoubtedly, are very tasty. Every person has a favorite fruit. Someone likes apples, others prefer oranges. One person adores peaches, and the other is simply crazy about exotic pineapples. Also in e-liquid brands, everyone will find the favorite fruit, and of course, the most beloved

E-liquid flavors.

Perhaps, fruit vapors fruitare the most popular ones. And it is understandable, because such a variety of mono-tastes and, consequently, the best e-liquid flavor concentrate can satisfy any consumer who really likes vaping. Trying the whole existing vape juice flavors list is almost impossible, but it’s really worth trying, because even the minimal difference in e-liquid ingredients can fundamentally change the sentiments experioverall picture, making the fluid unique in its own way.

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