What is rebuildable?

If you are new to vaping, you are probably wondering what rebuildable is. Intended for experienced vapers, this area requires basic knowledge and a minimum of experience to be put into practice.

So what is rebuildable? This is what we will see in this article.

What is rebuildable?

At the heart of the operation of your e cigarette and the vaporization of your e liquid, the coil is the central element of the vape . It is she who heats the liquid and transforms it into vapour .

Vaping requires regularly changing the resistance of your electronic cigarette. The rebuildable therefore offers an alternative by giving the possibility of mounting it by oneself. For this, vapers abandon the clearomizer in favour of a reconstructable atomizer or a dripper.

Resistors, also called coils , are made of spiral resistive wire . The latter, available in different diameters, is wound around a precise axis. Depending on the number of turns, a resistance is thus obtained with the desired value in ohms. The thicker the wire used, the lower the resistance value obtained.

There are 2 types of packaging for the coils: in the form of pre- made coils or resistive wire in coils to make yourself.

The benefits of rebuildable

If getting into the rebuildable is not within the reach of beginner vapers, it nevertheless has several advantages.

First of all, the reconstructable offers total freedom by allowing you to make your own adjustments to experience a tailor-made vape. The range of possible customizations is very wide and allows precise adjustment of your settings to obtain the desired effect: vapour density, flavor rendering…

In addition, the reconstructable has the particularity of sublimating the rendering of flavors and intensifying the perfumes of liquids. This practice allows you to savour your liquids by releasing their full taste potential.

Last point, and not least, the rebuildable generates big savings because the purchase of resistors becomes superfluous. Even better, the artisanal assembly of the resistors costs practically nothing, thus further reducing your vaping budget!

Mounting the resistors

To make your assemblies, you will focus on the plate of your atomizer . You must identify the positive and negative poles, the air and e-liquid inlet holes. These may vary by model.

Place your resistance (rolled up on its support) on the plate facing the air inlets. Then check the correct position and the correct heating of your coil by placing the atomizer on your box. The resistance should blush from the centre to the edges. You will then install your cotton or fiber, without forgetting to prime it by soaking it in e-liquid.

To simplify this operation, you can choose a pre-made electronic cigarette  coil: all you have to do is install your pre-assembled coil and your cotton on the atomizer plate.

If you are tempted by the rebuildable adventure, take the time to document yourself with video tutorials. Many vapers share their tips and tricks on the web to get started in the practice of rebuildable in complete serenity!