Choosing the right electronic cigarette is the best guarantee against tobacco. Having an electronic cigarette adapted to your needs is indeed the surest way to ensure that it will be used in optimal conditions, these having every chance of diverting you for good from the traditional cigarette. But the world of electronic cigarettes is vast, and making the right choice, especially when you are a beginner, can be tricky. This is the reason why we give you here some essential rules to respect within the framework of your acquisition.

There is a multitude of different electronic cigarettes. The technologies used are not the same, nor the power or the design, for example. To know the model, the box and the atomizer or clearomizer best suited to your needs, you must first determine your profile. If you are a beginner, you will not have the same needs as an experienced user.


Beginners often rightly prefer the simplest electronic cigarettes. It is indeed always better to get your hands on simple tools before looking, admittedly with delight, at more advanced but also more complex features. Simplified electronic cigarettes are often all-in-one kits, which include in the same device all the traditional components of the electronic cigarette: the battery, the clearomizer and its resistance.

Often in a discreet and harmonious format, these kits are disarmingly simple: once charged, your electronic cigarette only needs a simple press of the on/off button to deliver the long-awaited scented vapour! Most of the time without any necessary adjustments, these all-in-one kits are an ideal entry point into the world of electronic cigarettes.

Pods are rechargeable electronic cigarettes that are often extremely discreet. If their autonomy is generally more limited, these pods, coupled with e-liquids with nicotine salts, for example, have proven themselves.

To facilitate your selection, we encourage you to consult our section dedicated to beginners. This will allow you to choose the material adapted to your needs according to the quantity of cigarettes that you smoke. Whether you are a light smoker ,  medium smoker or heavy smoker , it will indeed get you used to speaking in the past tense!


After a few weeks of conclusive experience with the electronic cigarette, it is not uncommon for a curious user to find certain limits to all-in-one kits, in particular due to their limited scalability. This new desire is materialized in particular by a desire to use new types of clearomizers or even by a desire to develop the power of its electronic cigarette.

In this case, the vaper can turn to intermediate boxes which offer a wider range of possibilities. Among these, we can in particular mention the variation in power therefore, the possibility of using functions such as temperature control or the considerable increase in the autonomy of your box. It is also not uncommon that with this type of material, the battery of your electronic cigarette is no longer integrated but operates using separate rechargeable batteries.

This new universe allows you to bring even more personalization to your vape, whether aesthetically of course, but also in terms of rendering. A more advanced clearomizer for example, or even a reconstructable atomizer, will allow you to use liquids with a higher rate of vegetable glycerin.


Arrived at this advanced stage of knowledge of the electronic cigarette, it is a safe bet that the impact of our advice will be more limited! Be aware, however, that the most advanced mods can make you gain autonomy, in particular thanks to more generous battery formats (20700 or 21700), in power (300W!), solidity, or even in integrated reserve of e-liquid (with “squonk” or “bottom feeder” boxes). Those who also know Ohm’s law at their fingertips can even get started on so-called “mechanical” mods. Unlike electronic mods, these are not regulated. Some users swear by mechanical mods but before embarking on this adventure, be aware that they require very specific knowledge.

If certain essential models have proven themselves, the best electronic cigarette remains above all the one that is best suited to your needs. 

Happy vaping!