A  rebuildable  or repairable atomizer is an  electronic cigarette tank  that allows you to make the resistors yourself. It is equipped with a specific assembly plate which allows the insertion of resistors that have been manufactured with resistive wire.

Which rebuildable atomizer to choose? The principle of its operation.

The operation is the same as that of a conventional tank. Cotton passes through a resistance designed in resistive wire. This cotton is full of e-liquid. When the battery is activated, the resistance heats up and evaporates the liquid contained in the cotton which vaporizes and reaches your mouth via an air chimney.

The glossary of the rebuildable atomizer

  • The Drip tip: This is the mouthpiece of your tank
  • The Top Cap or the bell: This is the upper part of the atomizer in which the Drip tip is inserted
  • The air chimney: this is the conduit that brings the steam from the resistance to your mouth.
  • The tank  : Only on tank-atomizers. This is the e-liquid reserve.
  • The atomization chamber: This is a small bell that closes the mounting plate. The place where the liquid turns into vapour.
  • The assembly plate  or  deck: this is the place where the resistance is fixed
  • The bottom cap or connection plate: this is the lower part of your atomizer which is screwed onto your battery to connect it to your atomizer.

Which rebuildable atomizer to choose? What are the advantages ?

If it is often more expensive to buy, the reconstructable atomizer  turns out to be more economical in use than a classic clearomizer, because you will take care of rebuilding your resistors by yourself.

Resistance wire and cotton often have a low price, and the basic tools required are also inexpensive. A  rebuildable will also allow you to choose different assemblies, resistive wires to adapt your vape to your desires.

Finally,  rebuildable atomizers  generally allow you to obtain more vibrant flavors and / or a larger volume of vapor. If you wish to combine the pleasure of creating your own vape with a personalized and sublimated rendering while vaping cheaper over time, the rebuildable is made for you!

Which rebuildable atomizer to choose? : what are the types?

Tank Atomizers or RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)

Tank Atomizers or RTA (rebuildable Tank Atomizer). This type of atomizer includes an e-liquid reservoir like a normal clearomizer. The main difference comes from the mounting plate instead of where you usually screw your resistors. The Tank atomizers (tank = tank in English editor’s note), also have a slightly larger diameter to have the space to calmly carry out your resistance assemblies.

Advantage of a Tank atomizer: The undeniable advantage of a Tank atomizer lies in the practicality with its liquid reservoir!

Dripper Atomizers or RDA (Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer)

Dripper or RDA Atomizers. The word Dripper comes from the English to drip = drop. These are atomizers that do not contain an e-liquid reservoir. By removing their bell or top-cap, we arrive directly on the assembly plate with the resistance. The principle is therefore to soak the resistance directly with a few drops on the cotton. They generally have tanks at each end of the cotton which contains e-liquid to supply the latter with e-liquid by capillary action, but this remains a minimal reserve. It is necessary to frequently re-soak the cotton of the resistance in e-liquid.

Advantage of a Dripper: The dripper is an excellent choice for the greatest precision in terms of flavor and an excellent volume of vapor. It is also very practical to change the taste of liquid at convenience!

RDTA atomizers (Rebuildable Dripper Tank Atomizer)

They are atomizers that have a build plate on top of the clearomizer and a tank below. They allow you to benefit from the vaping qualities of a dripper by having a tank for better autonomy in e-liquid.

What is a BF – Bottom Feeder atomizer?

BF stands for Bottom Feeder, literally filling from below. It concerns Drippers and makes it possible to overcome the inconvenience of the absence of a tank. The BF system consists of a box which houses a flexible vial of liquid inside. A pipe connects the bottom of the dripper (and therefore the resistance) to the vial of liquid.

By pressing on the flexible flask, the liquid rises and comes to supply the resistance with liquid. The BF Drippers have a connection pad drilled in its center to let the liquid pass from the BF bottle to the resistance. Many drippers on the market are sold with a classic connection pin and a BF connection pin allowing use on a standard box or a bottom feeder box.

The rebuildable another way to vape!

Getting started with a rebuildable atomizer is not difficult and does not require great DIY skills. 

Nevertheless, it is a subject to which it is necessary to be interested a minimum to achieve a satisfactory vape. Current equipment allows easier and easier use of reconstructable and electronic boxes allowing you to be safe. Once the basic rules and the general concept have been mastered, it’s only happiness!

The prerequisites for getting started with a rebuildable atomizer

Know what type of vape you prefer!

You have to ask yourself this question when buying your rebuildable atomizer . The models will differ depending on whether you prefer an airy and voluminous vape or a tighter and tastier vape. If you hesitate, models of atomizers allow an in-between which can also be satisfactory.

Know the value of your resistors

Making your own resistors involves knowing the ins and outs of resistive values ​​and their impact on the vape. Indeed, the lower the value of a resistance, the more the vape will be powerful, hot and voluminous.

It will also require more energy from your battery and consume more liquid. If you want a quieter and flavor-oriented vape, the resistive value of your coil should be higher.

For your safety, we strongly advise against developing a resistor of less than 0.15 ohm. This requires a lot of power and could damage your batteries or the electronic module (chipset) of your battery.

For rebuildable plates with 2 resistors (dual-coil plate), the resistive value will be equal to the value of your resistors divided by 2.

Example: 2 resistors of 0.5 ohm on the same plate, equivalent to a resistive value of 0, 25 ohm!

To know!

  • Resistive wires with a larger diameter heat up more than thinner wires. They are used for resistances of low resistive value.
  • The more coils the resistor has, the higher its value because there is more wire to heat and its larger surface area.

Whatrebuildable atomizer choose? How to avoid leaks from your rebuildable atomizer?

  • Lack of cotton  : if the atomizer leaks through the airflow, it is often due to incorrect application of the cotton. Check that the amount of cotton used is sufficient.
  • Filling  : This can happen with an atomizer that has a top fill system. It is essential to close the airflow because if you do not carry out this operation, the liquid which will be poured from the top can automatically descend and escape through the airflow.
  • Incomplete assembly: after a complete disassembly for washing, for example, it is very likely that you have forgotten to replace a seal.

What are the precautions to take concerning the rebuildable?

  • Know the value of its resistance  ! In order to put aside any danger, it is imperative to carry out its assemblies on an ohmmeter or on an electronic box. These two devices are equipped with multiple safeties and will thus be able to inform you if a short circuit or any other problem is present.
  • Check that the studs of your atomizer are well screwed and that the contact with your resistive wire is optimal. Above all, cut it flush so that it does not come into contact with your top cap: it is a guaranteed short-circuit!
  • Stabilize your coil  : this step simply consists of heating your coil, without cotton of course, so that it blushes slightly. When this is the case, you can tighten your coil using a ceramic head clamp in order to have a homogeneous heating. The coil must heat from the inside out. Without this manipulation, you could have a hot spot and therefore a rather painful dry hit.
  • Choosing the right batteries  : the lower your resistance, the more important it will be to have a high amperage.

In  conclusion ,  rebuildable atomizers  are key parts of electronic cigarettes. The system offers several advantages for smokers, particularly in economic and ecological terms.