We love DIY for several obvious reasons. Making your DIY e-liquid saves us money, of course, but also gives free rein to our overflowing creativity.

What we like less on the other hand (especially when we are incorrigibly impatient), is this famous maturation time (or steep) that we must observe before we can finally taste our homemade DIY e-liquid!

Besides, what is this time of rest really for? Can we avoid it, accelerate it?

What is the steep?

In its early years, the world of vaping saw the birth of a real revolution: concentrated aromas for DIY (Do It Yourself). Much more economical, these products had a single objective: to reproduce your favourite flavours – or create them – at home, using only a few ingredients and utensils. A technique that has proven to be infinitely simple and incredibly more economical than buying ready-made e-liquids.

A single black spot clouded the horizon: the famous maturation time, rest time or “steep” which consists of placing our tempting preparation in the cupboard for a certain period to let the aromas develop (a bit like oenology or perfumery if you prefer). This is our natural tendency to want everything, right away, which takes a hit!

Adapt the resting time to the type of flavourings used

In the world of DIY, there are several types of concentrated aromas. First mono-aromas (a single flavour) or complex aromas (several flavours). But above all, there are several categories of taste: fruity, gourmet, minty, classic, candy or drink. Not to mention the freshness, which sometimes adds to the list!

The maturation time of an aroma will then depend a lot on its category. In the vape, it is commonly accepted:

  • That a menthol aroma requires at least 1 to 2 days of steep
  • That fruity aroma requires at least 2 to 3 days of steep
  • That a drink flavour (fruity cocktail or soda type) rather requires 1 good week of steep
  • That a candy flavour requires at least 1 good week of steep
  • That a gourmet aroma requires about 2 weeks to steep
  • That classic aroma requires 1 good month of steep

And, even if these indications are of great help, nothing beats the advice of the manufacturer! Read the label of your aroma bottle carefully, or do not hesitate to consult the product sheet attached to it (on our website). You may find there the indication of a very precise maturation time!

Likewise, nothing replaces your own taste experience. Steeping is as unique as you are! It will depend a lot on your feelings, your desires, your preferences…

Tell yourself that the steep, like the vape, is a matter of taste. You could prepare the same flavour and leave your mixture in steep like your neighbour so that you would not have all the same opinions and feelings on its final result!