Find the right e-cigarette

With the many models of electronic cigarettes available, it is not necessarily easy to make the right choice. To do this, two criteria must be taken into account.

Selection criteria

  • To choose your electronic cigarette, you must pay attention to two factors that may influence your choice: Your cigarette consumption: as a smoker, or former smoker, your consumption of tobacco cigarettes will determine the choice of your electronic cigarette. Indeed, the latter must meet your habits so as not to disappoint you. For example, if you smoked a pack a day, you will have to move towards an e-cigarette capable of holding (in e-liquid as well as in a battery) the equivalent of 20 cigarettes. Conversely, if you were a “little” smoker, an electronic cigarette with a lower autonomy may be suitable for you.
  • Your personal preferences: your previous cigarette consumption is not the only factor influencing your choice of cigarette. Indeed, your preferences also come into play. So, if you prefer a discreet design model or a customizable cigarette or one with long battery life, the ideal model will not be the same!

Why choose the right electronic cigarette?

  • Choosing a suitable electronic cigarette is not as trivial as it might seem. Indeed, choosing a “bad” electronic cigarette could distort your vaping experience. By choosing a model that is not appropriate for your consumption habits, you could be disappointed and therefore move away from vaping when the problem was simply a bad model. So remember to inform yourself well before purchase to avoid a bad expense.

Disposable or rechargeable electronic cigarette?

  • For beginner vapers, this question often arises. It must be said that making the difference between a disposable or rechargeable cigarette is not, at first glance, very obvious. However, if their operation is identical, the disposable electronic cigarette is intended for occasional use: once exhausted, it is simply thrown away (into the battery compartments). Conversely, the rechargeable electronic cigarette is designed for use over time: its battery and its e-liquid cartridge are both recharged.
  • In fact, the disposable electronic cigarette is mainly intended for beginner vapers, for those who want to test this alternative to cigarettes. Very affordable, and easy to handle, it allows you to get a first opinion on the e-cigarette, which, if favourable, can lead to the purchase of a rechargeable electronic cigarette!