Are Pods-mod good? What’s this?

The pod is a type of all-in-one electronic cigarette that is both compact and ready to use. We also speak of Pod-Mod, to directly designate what it is made of: a cartridge ( Pod ) and a battery ( Mod ). With this type of device, forget the technical manipulations; because the latter focuses only on the essentials to offer you a qualitative and immediate vaping experience. The two distinct parts that compose it cannot function without each other.

The Mod

The Mod is the main “non-disposable” part of the Pod-Mod. It is this component that you hold in your hand to vape and which includes the battery, which provides the power necessary for the proper functioning of the whole. Since the battery cannot be changed, it is essential to choose beforehand sufficient autonomy to meet your vaping needs. The internal battery of a Mod can have different power levels, always expressed in milliampere-hours. For occasional use spaced out over time, Mods with a battery between 350 and700 mAh will do. On the other hand, if you want to vape regularly and throughout the day without having to recharge the battery in the meantime, you will have to choose a battery with greater autonomy, or at least equal to 1000 mAh.

Mods are designed to be as simple as possible and in this sense, they have very few or no buttons and generally do not include a screen. To know when it is necessary to recharge the battery of your device using the supplied micro-USB or USB-C cable, an LED signal informs you by flashing or changing colour.

The Pod

The cartridge or Pod is the element that finalizes your Mod and makes vapour production possible. Indeed, like a clearomizer, a cartridge is equipped with resistance, an e-liquid reservoir, as well as a drip tip. The only difference is that it is impossible to change the resistance on a cartridge. It is, therefore, necessary to change the entire cartridge when it shows signs of wear; understand better the meaning of the term ” recharge which also designates a cartouche.

You can also refill the e-liquid tank of your Pod, as on any self-respecting clearomizer or atomizer. In addition, if you want to alternate regularly between the different tastes of your e-liquids, you have the possibility of obtaining several cartridges and filling them with a different liquid. Thus, you can replace the cartridge of your Pod-Mod, in a practical way and without the slightest effort, by simply separating the latter from the battery and attaching the new one.

The advantages of the Pod-Mod

Pod – Mods have the advantage of being very easy to use and are therefore perfect solutions for beginners who want to start vaping directly and without difficulty. At the same time light, thin and compact, the Pod-Mod is a real pleasure to hand. It also benefits from a very minimalist design which makes it ergonomic. Indeed, a single button allows you to turn on or off your device; and trigger the vape by remaining pressed on it. In addition, some models of Pods-Mod go even further by offering an intuitive buttonless experience. To vape, you just have to suck through the mouthpiece. In this way, a sensor detects the air depression and heats the resistance, so that you can inhale the vapour produced.

The Pod also has the particularity of allowing you to vape e-liquids with a high rate of nicotine. In addition, this type of solution is also preferred to best vaporize e-liquids based on nicotine salts or even CBD. Indeed, the resistances that are generally found integrated on the cartridges intended for Pod-Mods, are designed to heat at low temperatures. Thus, the resistor gradually heats up to an Ohm value ideal that allows you to make the most of the benefits of the molecules contained in the special e-liquids mentioned above.

The disadvantages of the Pod-Mod

Greater ease of use necessarily implies fewer features, adjustment modes and embedded technologies. Moreover, it is impossible to modify the internal structure of your Pod-Mod; whether it concerns the change of your resistance or your battery. Indeed, although the Pod-Mod is designed more or less on the same pattern as a classic electronic cigarette, it justifies on the other hand a closed design which makes it impossible to manipulate it to improve it or personalize it according to your preferences. In this sense, the Pod offers much less freedom and flexibility of use to its users, unlike an electronic Box. for example. We will advise experienced vapers, wishing to optimize their vaping experience by using spare parts, to turn to another solution at the risk of being somewhat frustrated.

The battery is also not removable, you will have to charge your Mod to enjoy your vaper again; which may prove impractical in the long run. Indeed, as a counter-example, some models of electronic Boxes support external batteries. In this way, it is possible to gain mobility, responsiveness and comfort, if you have several batteries. Indeed, when a battery is discharged, you can replace it in a fraction of a second with a full battery to continue vaping without limit.

Moreover, and if your frequency of vaping has increased since you started, the autonomy of your Pod-Mod may be no longer sufficient to meet your needs. You will then have to change to a more durable model if you want to have a solution that can adapt to your current consumption.