The electronic cigarette is a smoking cessation tool. Stopping vaping is the continuation of your withdrawal. How do achieve it? Where to start quitting e-cigarettes? When is the right time? We take stock together and discover some tips and tricks to achieve this quickly.

Good Timing!

After quitting smoking, you are thinking of quitting vaping! Be careful, however, not to skip the steps. It is not recommended to stop too quickly to avoid any relapse. Do not hurry, weaning will take the time it takes, regardless of the pitfalls, only the result counts!

Doctor Valentine Delaunay, the tobacco specialist, suggests stabilizing the vape for at least 3 to 6 months, before considering stopping the vape. Signs can help you determine the right time, learn to listen to yourself and analyze your vaping habits.

Suggestive signs:

  • You hardly feel the feeling of lack,
  • The hit is too loud,
  • You regularly forget your vape or your e-liquid.

If you encounter these signs and the urge to quit is strong, then you can begin withdrawal…

How to do it?

It’s finally decided, that you want to stop vaping, but don’t know where to start. Some will tell you to stop everything overnight, others will advise you to go gradually. There is no miracle solution, it is essential to go gently at the risk of cracking and falling back into the maze of tobacco. Let’s try to understand a little more about the mechanism of stopping and weaning to find the best strategy to adopt.

Addiction is complex, it is not just a physical nicotine addiction. It also includes psychological addiction and behavioural addiction.

Fight nicotine

To get rid of nicotine, you have to go gradually. You need to decrease the nicotine level gradually. Decrease the nicotine level in stages. Doctor Delaunay recommends a reduction of a few milligrams every 3 to 4 months.

When you arrive at the 3mg/ml nicotine dosage, you must prepare the next step: namely the vape without nicotine. To proceed gently, choose two different dosages, one in 3 mg and the other in 0, and alternate the e-liquids to start serfdom and get your body used to no longer receiving nicotine while vaping.

At the same time, try to reduce vaping breaks. All those times when you vape for pleasure and not out of need should be avoided as much as possible.

Shake up your habits

You can change the flavours of the e liquids. Avoid tobacco or gourmet flavours which are very sweet and cause a lot of taste pleasure. Flee all flavours that are too strong. Opt for fairly neutral liquids with a light taste.

Habits must be analyzed and de-habituated to ensure the success of your smoking cessation. You like to enjoy your coffee with your vaper. You are used to vaping in the car, in the evening. You must analyze all the situations where you are used to vaping and especially those where you feel the need to vape. In the car, opt for sweets to suck, chewing gum… Over time, new rituals will break habits and your brain will no longer associate coffee breaks with vaping, or evenings with vaping.

You must find alternatives to each circumstance and anticipate all problematic situations. You must change your habits and establish new rituals. You’ve probably got into the habit of vaping in your car or your house, set yourself the goal of going outside like for a traditional cigarette, which will limit vaping breaks.

The important thing is to have thought about it and to prepare the weaning to be able to face it. This work is important for the rest of the withdrawal when you will vape without nicotine. It is with this step that you will be able to completely stop vaping.

Whatever the time your weaning will take, you must above all listen to yourself and go gradually to ensure permanent weaning.

Are you planning to quit e-cigarettes?