The differences between an electronic mod and a mechanical mod

To switch to a more expert vape, you can treat yourself to an electronic or mech mod to gain autonomy, power and flexibility, but what are the differences between “mecha” and “electro”?

After discovering the vape with a “beginner’s kit”, there are many reasons that can push you to look for more efficient equipment: the power of vaping, autonomy, the robustness of the equipment and flexibility to vary the atomizers. Here is an article on the advantages of buying a mod.

Choosing an electronic mod to start with is probably the best solution because it is very easy to use and you will immediately benefit from the advantages of the mod: autonomy, power, variety of atomizers or drippers… Many settings allow you to vary the power or the voltage and you easily follow the charge of your batteries as well as the level of your resistances. The electronics manage all this for you by displaying all the data on a screen. It’s as easy to use as a small e-cig but with a lot more settings and information.

In a “mecha” mod, there are no more electronics! It is therefore a simple tube equipped with a “switch”: the button to create contact. Unlike an electronic mod which can be fragile (shock, humidity, breakdown…), the mechanical mod risks almost nothing, it is very robust and durable. On the other hand, it is more complicated to use, because, unlike the electronic mod which manages everything (in particular a continuous power whatever the charge of the battery), there you have to vape by feeling and make elementary physics calculations to obtain the level of power/resistance you are looking for.

The mecha mod corresponds to an “expert” vape and you have to agree to spend time understanding, and doing tests while being well informed so as not to put yourself in danger. An electronic mod is safe when there is a short circuit, a mechanical mod, no! You can have an incident with the battery if you make a bad assembly.

Question design, even if some electronic mods are very beautiful, the mechanical mods still hold the upper hand. It is on this type of material that we find the most beautiful creations of modders. The technical simplicity and the purity of the “without electronics” undoubtedly allow expressing the most beautiful metal machining techniques with artisanal practices that sometimes border on goldsmithing. You can find some parts over $3000 on specialized vape auction sites.