The difference observed between the Inferno and the Halo Triton tanks

The difference observed between the Inferno and the Halo Triton tanks

Halo has been the main player in the e-cigarette industry for the last few years. 2 years ago, they were selling ‘cig-a-like’ models like pretty much every other brand in the country.

However, if one want to draw a parallel between this brand and other one, it is quite possible.

If we compare, for instance, the Inferno and the Halo Triton tanks, we can clearly distinguish that the tank included with the Inferno has two heating coils working together to counteract the large size and reduced airflow of the tank, whereas the Halo Triton doesn’t have such characteristics. This indicates that the Inferno actually provides you a closer experience to that of using a traditional atomizer or cartomizer.

Moreover, flavors and vapor generation on the Triton seem a bit muted. Even inhaling twice in a row without any break will not disclose you the full range of flavors out of e-liquids that they possess.

While we’ve mentioned the muted flavor of the Halo Triton’s cartomizer tank as a negative aspect about the e-cigarette, it still has to be said that people without great e-smoking experience probably won’t notice this defect — and the nicotine hit that you’d get from e-smoking isn’t lessened at all. Smokers simply know from experience that the e-liquids they used for checking are a bit more flavorful than what you encountered with the Halo Triton.