NuvoCig Review

NuvoCig Review

This brand of e-cigarettes is especially positively assessed in favor of NuvoCig batteries. They work well and look originally. Although stainless steel might not be preferred to everyone, someone might like it over the flat black or white batteries many e-cigarette companies still offer.

For those who prefer something stylish, NuvoCig also offers an innovative battery with a color-changing light that modifies seven different colors as you inhale. The refill cartridges, though more expensive than average and most likely not USA-made, do really taste fresh and function well.

The cartridges are sealed with foil to prevent liquid from leaking — if you deal with e-cigarette companies that ship its cartridges in paper boxes, you’ll know the foil really matters enormously in freshness.

In fact, we have nothing negative to say about the NuvoCig e-cigarette in general; the product looks fantastic, works well and tastes great. What’s there not to be liked? The decent price for refill cartomizers represents NuvoCig’s only downside, but it’s a rather big one.

If compared to some other companies marketing 510 e-cigarettes, you’ll spend as much as double on your refill cartridges with NuvoCig. Although, NuvoCig is an easy find to like, it’s a hard for someone to recommend unless you’re eager to buy in bulk or shop around for better refill prices.