eFox eCigs introduction

eFox eCigs introduction

The eFox e-cigarette is sold in just two flavors: Tobacco and Menthol. Playing around with different flavors is possible, though, if you fill your own cartomizers or purchase pre-filled cartomizers from another vendor that supports the 510 e-cigarette.

Volcano, with its Magma e-cigarette, is such an example. Smokers who tried the eFox Tobacco flavor found it quite satisfying and pleasant.

Because most eFox e-cigarette kits consist only of one battery, we kindly suggest looking at the Basic PCC Cartomizer Kit if you want to save money. Because this kit includes a portable battery charging case, it’s simple enough to drop your battery in the charging case between usages to keep it working all day.

This kit also includes five pre-filled cartomizers as well as a bottle with enough e-liquid to refill used cartomizers even up to 20 times. This will contribute to using your new e-cigarette for about a month before you’ll need to buy more e-liquid or cartomizers, which is evidently longer than you can expect from most e-cigarette kits costing under not much — most kits in inexpensive price range are only suitable for about a week before more e-liquid is required.

That’s a strong positive aspect in favor of eFox eCigs.