How to choose the PG VG ratio of an e-liquid?

When you start in the vape 3 notions are important to choose your liquid

  • The nicotine level
  • The PG VG Difference: Flavor / Vapor
  • The rate of PG VG

The PG VG ratio of a vape e-liquid is often very little taken into consideration and yet is very important. Depending on the vape and the flavours you want to obtain, the PG VG rate will not be the same. There is a difference between PG and VG. And each of its components brings a different touch to your vaping liquid. Indeed, the PG / VG ratio will determine the flavour of the liquid, but not only … The best PG VG ratio will be the one that meets your needs but also that of your equipment.

What is PG/VG?

Without jumping into a chemistry lesson, let’s dive into these two acronyms to understand the difference between PG and VG.

PG, propylene glycol, is a food compound frequently used in the fields of aesthetics, cosmetics and food. Heated at low temperature, it allows the production of a fine and light vapour. Combined with nicotine, it allows the liquid during inhalation to create the ” hit “. This sensation, much sought after by new vapers, is to feel the passage of vapour (contraction at the level of the larynx). PG also serves as a solvent for flavours, it acts as a flavour enhancer. 

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VG, vegetable glycerin, is also a compound of natural origin very often found in food. Thicker and oilier than Propylene Glycol, VG produces the denser, more abundant vapour when vaporized at lower temperatures. It is also softer due to its slightly sweet taste. If you find that your E-liquid is too thick or oilier and less fluid than usual, check the composition, the VG rate should exceed 50%.

 Which PG/VG ratio to choose?

It’s all a matter of dosage. Depending on the vapour and the sensations you wish to obtain, you will be able to choose an e-liquid with the appropriate PG/VG ratio.

A PG VG ratio for flavour

As mentioned above, Propylene Glycol is a flavour enhancer and brings this sensation of “Hit” so much sought after by beginners. To rebalance the dehydrating side and the volatile aspect of steam, it is often mixed with a small amount of vegetable glycerin.

In addition, much more fluid than VG, propylene glycol soaks cotton more quickly and clogs the coils of vapers less quickly.

If it is this side of the vape that interests you, the best PG VG ratio for you will be:

  • E-liquids 80/20
  • E-liquids 70/30 

A balanced PG VG ratio

For those who wish to obtain a balance between flavour and vapour, three rates of PG/VG for e-liquid are available to you:

  • E-liquids 60/40
  • E-liquids 50/50
  • E-liquids 40/60

You will then be able to enjoy a good production of vapour without restricting yourself to the aromas and the sensation of “hit”. It is therefore a very good compromise between these two components.

The advantage also comes from the fact that, neither too thick nor too fluid, it passes through many atomizers and clearomizers without accentuating the clogging of the coils.

 A PG VG ratio for vapour 

Liquids with a high percentage of vegetable glycerin produce large clouds of vapour. The best PG VG ratio will be:

  • E-liquids 30/70
  • E-liquids 20/80
  • 100% VG e-liquids

Denser, the sensation of vapour is present even if the “hit” is more discreet.

These rates are very popular with users of reconstructable boxes providing high wattage. It is therefore important to have the appropriate equipment to avoid fouling the equipment:

  • High liquid supply at the resistance level
  • Powerful

Perfect for Sub-ohm lovers!

The difference in the PG VG ratio varies from one vape manufacturer to another. This makes it possible to meet all requests, those looking for HIT, flavour or, on the contrary, heavy steam and sweet touch. The difference in PG/VG also makes it possible to overcome the problems of vapers concerning allergies to Propylene or Glycerin.