What is an eGo electronic cigarette?

Let’s go back a bit and to the beginnings of the vape. The heater vaporization technology as we know it was invented and patented in 2005 by Mr  David Yunqiang Xiu. From there, appeared the cigar-like. These devices, taking up the design of classic cigarettes, were composed of a rechargeable battery and a mouthpiece containing the e-liquid to be vaporized. Inefficient and expensive cigarettes were quickly replaced by eGo electronic cigarettes, revolutionizing the world of vaping.

How to use an eGo electronic cigarette? Using an eGo electronic cigarette battery is simple: a rechargeable battery, fast charging time, a disposable clearomizer or not, which can be filled with e-liquid when it is empty and all this in a small format that slips into place and easily in the pocket. 

The clearomizers used need to have an eGo type screw thread like the T2 clearomizer from Kanger and its T2 eGo CC drip tip for example. Indeed, if the 510 formats have supplanted the landscape of the vape and have become largely the majority, the eGo vapers can only accommodate very specific clearomizers.

If the eGo vaper made the heyday of vaping in its early days, it remains relevant for many vapers and vapers who started with this style of eGo vaper.

The electronic cigarette eGo in more detail:

If we compare the classic cigarette and the electronic cigarette, they don’t have things in common except that one must end the other ;). eGo electronic cigarettes are, until today, those that are closest to the classic cigarette. Indeed, the majority of recent electronic cigarette models have left the slender design to adopt the box mod style of electronic cigarettes. These models, which are much larger and, equipped with technologies such as temperature regulation or variable wattage, require some knowledge to be used. 

The flagship models of eGo e-cigarettes:

eGo’s flagship products include the eGo T, eGo 2 and eGo C.

  • The ego T e-cigarette:

With a battery life of 650 mAh (about 8 hours), this model will delight lovers of nomadic vaping in indirect inhaling. Perfectly adapted to slip discreetly into any pocket, this eGo vape model has a rather simple user manual. 5 presses on the single button of the e-cigarette are enough to light the eGo battery. The same operation is to be carried out to turn it off. To vape, simply press this button and you’re done. With a voltage of 3.7 volts DC (fixed voltage), its ease of use has made a good day for first-time vapers.

  • The eGo 2 vape:

The volume and dimensions of this model are a little larger than the ego T. But it’s for a good cause! It has a gigantic autonomy of 2200 mAh. For the year 2014, it was quite a step forward. The colours have become more varied and original to bring a slightly more personalized touch to the set-up.

  • The eGo C battery:

Offered as a kit by the Joyetech brand, these kits were very popular when they were released. The battery is delivered as a kit, it is necessary to master some manipulations before being able to vape. With an autonomy of 650 mAh, it remains comfortable for a short day of vaping. These kits offered a set of 2 eGo type C batteries, a good autonomy was offered!

Many models of eGo batteries have been produced on the market and have evolved. We have gone from batteries in neutral colours with low autonomy to batteries in bright colours and with comfortable autonomy.

The advantages and opinions on the electronic cigarette eGo:

The advantages of using an eGo-type electronic cigarette are multiple. The reduced format stands out compared to the large boxes of electronic cigarettes which can become cumbersome in the context of a nomadic vape. This tubular format offers excellent ergonomics and the grip is instinctive. The eGo battery slips easily into a pocket (do not sit down!) or even a bag and knows how to be discreet.

An advantage that is not the least is its price. eGo electronic vapes are not expensive. For less than 20 euros, you can get a complete set up including the battery and the appropriate clearomiser. All that remains is to find the tobacco or fruity e-liquid that will give you beautiful vaporous emotions.

If the cheap eGo electronic cigarette made the heyday of the vape at its beginning, it is still relevant. For lovers of MTL vaping (indirect inhalation), these little batteries still have a future ahead of them!