Tips: Electronic cigarette leak

Any vaper has already found himself faced with an unpredictable leak of liquid on his electronic cigarette or his clearomiser. And you wonder why your electronic cigarette is leaking e-liquid?

But don’t worry, we have anti-leak tips to solve your leaking electronic cigarette problem. Attention, it is important to specify that the leak comes from the clearomiser and not from the vaper. And before referring you to our anti-leak clearomizer section or our best vaper section, we will discuss together the different solutions to get your head out of the water ;). The e-liquid is contained only in the clearomiser or the atomiser. You will never find e-liquid in the battery itself. Unless you have leaks with a box bottom feeder! Does an electronic cigarette that does not leak exist?

Check the rate of PG/VG of your e-liquid

Choosing an e-liquid with a PG/VG rate that is not suitable for your electronic cigarette is currently the main cause of a leaky clearomiser. But why is this PG/VG ratio so important? Well, PG is much more fluid than VG: thus a high proportion of one of these components, in one direction or the other, will give a different viscosity to your e-liquid. And depending on the material used, an e-liquid that is too fluid or too thick will not be suitable. If at the beginning of the vape, the rate of PG / VG did not have as much importance, the modernization and the specification of clearomizers and atomizers require consistent use. If the liquid used is suitable, you will have an electronic cigarette that does not leak.

  • An e-liquid strongly dosed in VG, therefore thick, could clog and burn your resistance prematurely on certain Pods and MTL Clearomizers (resistance > or = 1.0).  
  • An e-liquid strongly dosed in PG, therefore very fluid, could cause leaks on the Subohm clearomiser / direct inhaling.

To find out more, we have written an article that will allow you to better understand which e-liquid refill to choose for which vaper. You will have understood, that there is not a brand of vaporizer to privilege. Whether you are the proud owner of a Geekvape, Smok, Justfog, Innokin, Eleaf, Vaporesso or Voopoo kit, so that your vaping does not leak, respect the recommended PG/VG rate!

I swallow electronic cigarette liquid that goes up

Several reasons can lead to these rises or projections of liquid. Don’t throw your vape out the window, a few adjustments are usually enough to return to a serene vape.


A straw effect, it “gobbles”, it flows, an electronic cigarette liquid leak goes up towards the clearomiser, what to do?

 First of all, you should know that an atomizer producing dense vapour, in Sub-ohm for example, produces a lot of vapour. Coupled with a thin and long drip tip, condensation is inevitable and the vapour will remain along its walls of it. The liquid goes up in the electronic cigarette and it is frankly unpleasant. Even if your e-liquid has wonderful flavours, it does not mean that you want to drink it!

Once the temperature has dropped, the liquid will remain in the drip tip and at the next aspiration, you, therefore, aspire to what is left. So you have the sensation of a straw effect with the electronic cigarette liquid rising.

  • Solution 1: We advise you to opt for a shorter and wider drip tip depending on your e-cigarette atomizer.
  • Solution 2 (if you like your drip-tip too much to change it): the paper towel! It is your great ally in the fight that is the vape.

Twist it, it will slip everywhere easily, carrying liquid and condensation in its wake. You can also turn your clearomiser over so that excess e-liquid escapes via the drip tip.

Why is my electronic cigarette still leaking? It is important to stress the importance of good ignition when using a new resistor. When you use a vape for the first time, take out the resistance of the tank and soak the cotton with a few drops of e-liquid. Replace the resistance in the tank and fill it with an e-liquid at the appropriate rate of PG/VG. Wait 10 minutes before vaping and on the large sub-ohm coils, start with a box set with a power slightly lower than that recommended during the first puffs. Then increase the wattage to reach the correct power range. To remove the risk of leaks with your vape, we advise you to prime with the air inlet closed. 

And if after all that, it continues to leak?

If nothing of the previous points has given a positive response to your leaking electronic cigarette, this is not a sign of disaster. And if your electronic cigarette is still leaking liquid, the problem is on another level.

Indeed, an electronic cigarette leak can come from clogging of the material or from a bad positioning of the seals.

An interview for a leak-free electronic cigarette

Our set-ups, batteries, clearomizers, and atomizers spend a lot of time outside, in our pockets and then collect dust and dirt. Mixed with liquid or condensation, this can create clumps that reduce the effectiveness of the seals or block the screws and air passages. Inevitably, this can cause leaks from your vape and between us, an electronic cigarette that leaks, it’s extremely annoying!

  • Solution 1: Disassemble your atomizer and using a paper towel clean the drip-tip, top cap, chimney, base and airflows. If necessary, gently remove the seals and run them under lukewarm water, without forgetting to clean the threads. Gently reposition your joints in the right place. Be careful, you should never pass a water resistance! If your resistance is too saturated with e-liquid and it is responsible for the leakage of your vape, blow into it to evacuate the excess e-liquid.

Today, the atomizers are completely removable, which facilitates this very important maintenance.

  • Solution 2: To go further in the maintenance of your vape and avoid any inconvenience such as leakage, you can run your atomizer (without resistance) in lukewarm water. Using an ultrasonic bath can also make it easier for you.

Assembly and tightening for a leak-free electronic cigarette

When you reassemble your atomizer, after cleaning it or changing the resistance, forcing the threads can cause leaks.

  • Solution 1: Be careful not to force too much when screwing the parts of your atomizer back together. This could crush the seals and they would no longer do their job.
  • Solution 2: Too late, the seals are damaged by somewhat brutal tightening. They will then have to be changed, luckily some atomizers are supplied with spare seals. To change the seals of an electronic cigarette, it’s rather simple. The manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in most cases provide a drawing allowing you to locate the location of each joint.

And then too tight also means difficult to open. Delicacy is the key word for a pleasant vape.


When maintenance and delicacy don’t change anything, it’s time to turn to the heart of the atomizer, the resistance.

  • Solution 1: Be careful not to soak the e-cigarette coil too much when priming it. If it reaches saturation it will give you back the excess liquid.
  • Solution 2: The resistance is badly screwed, and the liquid passes and flows in the airflows. Dry with a paper towel and screw the resistor back into place, always gently.

It may be that after a fall, the thread between the base and the resistance has jumped, allowing liquid to pass without anyone knowing why. Unscrew, dry and screw back! 

  • Solution 3: Be sure to use your resistance in its field of use. A resistance used at too low a speed will not evaporate the liquid but boil it. This will cause the liquid to splash and “gurgle”. It is therefore important to correctly adjust the wattage of your e-cigarette according to the indications given on the resistance.
  • Solution 4: Check the condition of your resistor. This small room changes regularly. When it starts to darken or the flavours are off/burnt, it’s time to change it!

Despite all this, your electronic cigarette still leaks? Unfortunately, this can be a stroke of bad luck. In rare cases, it is possible to come across a bad batch and therefore a defective resistor. Put the odds on your side and opt for one of the best clearomizers on the market to put an end to electronic cigarette leaks. With this section, you will limit the risks, and orient yourself towards an electronic cigarette pack that does not leak and does not leak. We only select the best vape brands: Vaporesso, Smoktech, Innonkin, Eleaf or Joyetech. 

To avoid leaks, it is strongly advised not to opt for an e-liquid with too much PG. Indeed, the VG being thicker will allow you to minimize leaks. The good compromise to choose an e-liquid for vaping is the PG VG 50/50 ratio.