GLV-3 E-Cigarette

GLV-3 E-Cigarette

The GLV-3 is an interesting type of e-cigarette. This particularity is manifested in that it has the ability to operate as a standard tube-shaped mod or be connected to a box containing a bottle that feeds liquid to the heating coil from the bottom.

With the box connected, the GLV-3 can keep up to 10 ml of liquid — quite enough for a week of smoking or more. However, the GLV-3 is rather expensive and doesn’t give you the ability to vary the voltage setting. When you purchase the GLV-3, you are a once limited to 3.7, 5.0 or 6.0 volts.

But your usage of this type of e-cigarettes will fully depend on your craving for special way of smoking. In other words, you like to smoke namely this very cigarette with this voltage setting and it fully satisfies you.

Additionally, the GLV-3 uses stacked batteries, which is characterized by less safety in comparison with the single battery and voltage booster used by the ProVari. But no accidents were observed and reported.

Perhaps, GLV-3 is the cigarette you can switch to, when you have already tested all the possible varients and can finally choose something special and ordinary at the same time just like GLV-3. No unpleasant sensations, pure electronic smoking is provided!