Disposable E-Cigarettes

Disposable E-Cigarettes

A disposable e-cig is usually a fair bit, which is longer than a classic cigarette — usually approximately 125 mm or so. This length can be one of the points that draws so many smokers.

They believe that long size of the cigarette is better, than the ordinary or short one. They think, it demonstrates first-class quality and guarantees a smoking satisafaction.

Although you can buy disposable e-cigarettes via internet — it is worth sharing a few of the best deals below — a lot of smokers think about buying them at their local stores for a few dollars more because of the instant satisfaction factor. A disposable e-cigarette consist of a filled nicotine cartridge — usually in tobacco or menthol — and a pre-charged battery.

When you remove it from the package, you can start using it by puffing if it’s an automatic e-cigarette or holding down the button and puffing if it’s a manual e-cigarette. If a disposable e-cigarette has a button, you’ll see it on the side of the battery.

Disposable e-cigarettes usually contain the nicotine equivalent of two packs of regular cigarettes, so you can usually expect to puff on one for at least several days before the nicotine is finished or the battery dies. When that happens, don’t recharge the battery; just throw it away or recycle it.