Dessert E-Cigarette Flavors

This is where you start to get e-cigarette flavors that would be completely different in comparison with tobacco. E-cigarette companies managed to recreate in vapor form various flavors. Let your imagination surprise you, because you can find a vapor version of just about every desert popular for people.

You can taste the most amazing cocoa and ice cream flavors, bananas foster, tiramisu, lemon ice, cheesecake variations. Some of these flavors are virtually not identified from their real life counterparts and are completely calorie-free!

You can characterize the selection of desert flavors as rich, sweet, delicious, mouth-watering. All these words can be used to describe the taste of these flavors. Some of these might even remind you of childhood memories of carnivals, birthday celebrations or candy store trips.

Just imagine you smoke your electronic cigarette, enjoy the relaxation it brings to you. Try flavors and you may even be tempted to ask for a glass of milk, or a glass of champagne. What a great combination to combine the smoking with!

Go ahead and try these desserts! They are calorie-free! You will get into another completely different world of shades, colors and tastes!