Vape juice carrying case

Vape juice carrying caseWhy you prefer e-liquid flavors:

Better health

There is no danger to others. (No passive smoker effect)

There is no fire and flame, ash and cigarette butts

Cash spare

There are no more yellow spots on the fingers and an unpleasant odor from the mouth

Moderate e-liquid wholesale prices

In many places where smoking is forbidden, it is allowed to vape.

Below there are two of the most common recipes of vape flavors diy:

50VG to 50PG. In this ratio, the base has a pretty high taste saturation and perceived Throat Hit.

70VG to 30PG. In such proportions, the base is viscous. A lot of vapor, but a weak er taste and TH .

Why do you need a self-making of e-juice? What do you win?

You will get your e-liquid cheap ;

reduce the vaping costs;

try the exclusive top vape flavors that will only be yours, made from e-liquid ingredients , which are selected by you personally ;

become a master of aromas and divine tastes;

can earn if your aromas and tastes find their admirer, but for this you need to become a real professional.

In other words, a self-made e-liquid is an uninspired field of creativity that can become your hobby, a business and a way of self-realization as a person. It is real to create an own vape juice brands list in some locations where shops cannot be found.

You can even run your own business if your prices seem acceptable, and the diversity will be pleased.

But this will require experience, a little talent, a desire. And, of course, the knowledge of all the components of the composition.

For this goal, you will need to set contacts with e-juice wholesale suppliers . They will help you select the components to diversify your vape juice carrying case.