The electronic cigarette: How to use and maintain your electronic cigarette?

Choosing your electronic cigarette is not always easy. And even when you have found the best alternative, it is normal to want to maintain it more. But how does an e-cigarette work? What are the elements to consider? Follow this guide!

How to properly use your electronic cigarette?

The habit that we take on electronic cigarettes is tenacious. All smokers are different in their way of smoking and its big advantage is that we have the possibility of modifying certain parameters. You must therefore understand them or seek advice to learn how to use your equipment freely.

Electronic cigarette: what are the different parameters?

All models have different characteristics. Of course, the principle remains the same, but different vapes are provided by the manufacturers.

Thus, you will see that it is possible to act: 

– on the temperature of the vapours by opting for suitable equipment;

– on the hit, this phenomenon leads to the clearing of the throat during the inhalation of the steam;

– on the vapour density by choosing certain liquids and reservoirs. 

How to properly maintain your electronic cigarette?

There are several ways to maintain your e-cigarette. Here are the important steps to clean all materials!

Thoroughly clean your drip tip

It is a tip in contact with the mouth. In some models, it separates from the rest of the clearomizer so that it can be cleaned or changed easily. 

Whether plastic, pyrex, stainless steel, resin or Delrin, it can be cleaned as often as possible under warm or cold water. It is also possible to add dishwashing liquid during cleaning, provided you rinse it properly. Thus, the best way is to dry well with a paper towel on the inner and outer parts of your drip tip.

Dry your tank

The tank (or the tank of the electronic cigarette) is made of stainless steel, gaskets and pyrex or borosilicate glass. Like the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette, it must be cleaned with warm or cold water. 

It is even better to maintain it at each replacement of the resistance to remove the dust which lodges inside the tank or in the chimney. Dry it with a paper towel, do not use cotton swabs, as they can leave a cotton ball in the chimney.

Unscrew your clearomizer

In most models, it is on the clearomiser that we find the threading of the resistors, the air inlet (which says air inlet, says dust inlet) and pin 510 with the battery. 

The latter is an essential tool for your e-cigarette and must be maintained regularly. It is made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in cold water and dried with a paper towel.

Clean your battery

The battery plays a key role in the operation of your vape. It contains electronics and can receive condensed vapours. However, cleaning with water should be avoided, as it would oxidize all the components and cause a short circuit. Use a slightly damp paper towel or wipe for this job. Do not hesitate to insist on the connection of your pin 510, dust could lodge there then cut the contact between the clearomiser and your battery.