The Dangers of E-Cigarette Use

The Dangers of E-Cigarette Use

Electronic cigarettes were first invented and appeared in China in 2003. The principal difference of e-cigarette from tobacco cigarette is that e-cigarette does not burn. People instead of smoke with its carcinogens and resins breathe vapor. E-cigarette consists of three main parts, battery, the steam generator (so called atomizer, cartomizer, clearomizer) and the e-liquid ( cartridges, storages ).

Itself smoking liquid and the vapors which it produce are composed of a food additive – propylene glycol, glycerin, flavors, and nicotine. But for social smokers (those who smoke just with friends) there are liquids without nicotine. Nothing seems to be dangerous to health in this invention. But in this apparently harmlessness lies the greatest danger of e-cigarettes.

If the smoker uses a non-nicotine liquid, all suspicious danger to his health is in propylene glycol. This food additive is considered quite safe for human body. But no one has ever studied the effect of propylene glycol’s vapor on human body. Moreover, a number of American scientists say about the similarity of this additive with antifreeze. The e-cigarette researchers are scaring consumers with reports that while inhaling propylene glycol vapor is the same as inhale the vapors of antifreeze. But at the moment there are no evidence of this theory. In any case, the use of non-nicotine liquid don’t cause such harm to the human body such as tobacco cigarettes or shisha.

Quite different is the situation with smoking liquid which contain nicotine. The man who passed from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes can start to use it throughout the day. And why not? No tar, no carcinogens, smells like apple :). However the nicotine remained! Moreover, it is not known which nicotine was added in this liquid. Natural or synthetic? A man can get per day a dose of nicotine many times greater than the dose of conventional cigarettes he used to get. This can cause even greater dependence and irritability.

Despite the technical shortcomings and lack of uniform standards for certification, e-cigarettes are the best object of smoking than paper cigarettes or shisha. E-cigarette does not poison the body with a huge amount of carcinogens and unknown tar. In contrast with the hookah, e-cigarette doesn’t dry the lungs and doesn’t suffocate the brain with carbon monoxide. If to come with great responsibility and attention to e-cigarettes choice, you can save your health and reduce the risk of cancer. But it is also necessary to remember that with all the advantages of this invention, the effects of e-cigarettes on the body are not fully investigated.