The best mods for vape from Smoant

Smoant Charon Mini 225W are the best mods for vape from Smoant. Structurally, the box mod is similar to many of the company’s decisions with the main difference that now it has a large color screen with the ability to customize the display of all indicators, and inside there is a new Ant225 chip with a quick response of 0.015 seconds after pressing the “Fire” button.
Unlike many products of the company, the best mods for vape from Smoant can be considered closer to mass-market devices – simple external forms, a large bright display and a quiet industrial exterior design;

Two 18650 standard batteries are used to power the best mods for vape from Smoant. The battery cover is the side of the case, attached to the device with magnets to simplify replacing dead batteries with fresh ones.

Recharging via the USB port is also supported – it is recommended to use a high-current charger, since charging through the USB port of the computer will take quite a long time;
The thread of the battery connector is made according to the standard 510, plus the connector is spring-loaded. The dimensions of the site and the location of the connector allow the device to organically look with any atomizers up to 25 mm in diameter. The connector itself is located in the center of the upper platform box area.
The box mod settings have been redesigned – the menu system has become more convenient for perception due to the use of a large display. By clicking on the Fire button three times, you can get to the menu where the following operating modes are available:

TC Mode, thermal monitoring. There are five options available to the user: Nickel – nickel wire, Titanium – titanium, Stainless Steel – stainless steel, TCR – for setting up work with non-standard types of wire and TC Curve, where you can build a temperature curve depending on the tightening time;
In the Settings submenu, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, the time displayed on the screen during rest, various parameters for displaying information on the screen, wallpapers for different device states and other non-critical parameters for operation. In addition, here you can reset the settings to factory settings.
The novelty is able to interest not only with a huge and convenient screen – the developers have issued a very ergonomic device with perfectly selected case materials and functional electronics.