Reliable bulk e-liquid wholesale suppliers

And so, you are on the right track, decided to give up the dependence. And the purchase of an e-cigarette will be the best assistant in this. In what way is it good? And it is in the way that it does not contain harmful substances, contained in an ordinary cigarette. And most importantly, there is no combustion process in it. The spiral of the device just warms up the impregnated special liquid and you get a tasty vapor. Forget about the unpleasant cigarette smell, because you get only pleasure and satisfaction while vaping.
And if you have already decided on the device and purchased it, the next question will be How to choose e-liquid brands for an e-cigarette.

This issue should not only concern users of e-cigarettes, but also retailers who need reliable bulk e-liquid wholesale suppliers.
To begin with, let’s define what the liquid consists of. In previous articles, we described in detail about its e-liquid ingredients. In the context of this article, we confine ourselves to the main components. This is propylene glycol, glycerin, flavor, and e-liquid nicotine. In order to determine the choice of liquid, you need to know the ratio of PG / VG. The standard ratio is 60 to 40. But for fans who like to get thick vapor, it is necessary to choose a liquid with a ratio of 70 to 30.

If you have an individual intolerance to these components, there are liquids without propylene glycol or glycerol, respectively. The next thing you need to pay attention to is the strength. The content of nicotine corresponds to the fortress. It is worth to realize what strong cigarettes you have smoked in the past. If very strong, choose liquids with a content of 12-18 mg / ml, averages of 6-10, lights of 1.5-3 mg / ml. Vaping is wonderful because you can gradually reduce the level of nicotine, moving to a liquid with a lower level.

To minimize the effect of this substance on the body, we recommend switching to vape juice brands without nicotine.
Further on the plan – flavors. The choice of wholesale e-juice flavors is really huge. Starting from mono-gustatory, we finish with liquids with a mix of 12 different aromas. Decide for what is most suitable for you.