List of several systems, which are successful Juul alternative vape devices

Suorin Air Starter Kit is one of extraordinary Juul alternative vape devices that should be attributed to image and gift rather than to very typical starter kits – and this is due to its appearance. The developers claim that the device is assembled at the Foxconn factories, the same ones that the iPhones are assembled in, partly this idea was reflected in the design of the device.
Key Features:
In terms of specifications, the battery pack is a classic option for novice users who need a tight cigarette puff – 16 watts of output power and a battery capacity of 400 mAh. The battery is charged via the micro USB port on the bottom of the device, the battery charging time is only about half an hour;

The atomizer part is a very simple maintenance-free clearomizer, not subject to any analysis. The atomizer part is attached to the battery block with neodymium magnets.

The Uwell Crown Pod System kit is one of compact Juul alternative vape devices equipped with a fairly powerful battery that works with replaceable cartridges with an integrated evaporative element and the ability to adjust blowing. The design of the new device is quite standard for devices of this class, with a decor in the form of monograms – the “royal” affiliation makes itself felt.
Uwell Caliburn is one of portable Juul alternative vape devices in pod format system. Produced by Uwell, a well-known community, mainly the electronic mod Nunchaku and the Crown atomizer, warmly received by vape enthusiasts.
Caliburn’s pod system is an attempt to stake out a small area on the market for vape generating devices, in the segment of small mods of electronic cigarettes aimed at users who prefer liquids on saline nicotine.
Main features: compactness; light weight; medium-capacity built-in battery; one-button control; capacious cartridge tank with the ability to refill from above.

OBS Cube Mod is one of successful Juul alternative vape devices. Instant reaction to pressing the “Fire” button will make the vaping process much more pleasant. Installed electronics has one operating mode – a classic varivatt with a change in output power up to 80 watts. 3000 mAh battery capacity is enough for a day’s work.