Juul alternative UK all-in-one kit

Juul alternative UKThe SXK Billet Box DNA60 is an all-in-one kit that is a replica of the popular fourth revision Billet Box device, developed by Billet Box Vapor. The device is structurally a compact battery pack in the format of a cigarette pack, inside of which you can install various evaporation elements, which can be either simple as replaceable maintenance-free evaporators or quite serious developments from third-party modders. The replica was made by SXK and, in terms of electronics, it carries the popular Evolv DNA60 board with almost infinite possibilities for fine-tuning for various types of metals and for configuring the information displayed on the device’s screen – though for the setup you will need a computer with installed proprietary software from Evolv.

From the point of view of the general construct, the first versions of the Billet Box Juul alternative UK all-in-one kit became a very original concept, which at that time was a bit of a modern POD system – to run, batteries of a specific format were required and operation was ensured by replaceable evaporators, which were popular at that time. Over time, the device has progressed and at the moment it is fully consistent with market realities, using advanced electronics and allowing the use of various developments of the evaporation part.

Traditionally, for Billet Box, the Juul alternative UK all-in-one kit is equipped with a proprietary layout of all controls – in front of the user, only the Fire button is basically located, and the + and – buttons are placed under the battery cover, as the developers conceived that the user most often rebuilds the device one-time when changing evaporation element and further adjustment of any settings will be redundant. There, next to the device’s settings buttons, there is also a screen on which all the service information about the device will be displayed, including power, temperature and any other nuances that the user can independently configure to display in the proprietary software from the developers.

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