IQOS HEETS Green heat sticks for the IQOS tobacco heating system are available on our online shop.

IQOS HEETS Green heating sticks are a rich and cooling menthol taste that is powered by fresh citrus aroma and scents of herbs.

The hybrid cigarette seems to be a worthwhile alternative to the traditional cigarette. But is that true? Significant disadvantages of this cigarette by Philip Morris are based on the one hand in the handiness: IQOS is larger and heavier than the ordinary tobacco products. This can easily become a disruptive factor – at least at the beginning of the usage phase. In addition, IQOS is less suitable for smokers who prefer light products due to its nicotine content. Although the taste of IQOS HEETS Green heating sticks is quite similar to that of light cigarettes.

In addition, users need the HeatSticks for use. These sticks cost about five euros and are available as 20-packs. The purchase of these products is similar to the usual cigarette purchase. Nevertheless, the price can prove to be a disadvantage. Because IQOS is not a cigarette substitute that can save money. If you are looking for an electronic hookah, you will find it here. Finally, the haptic is in no way comparable to that of a real cigarette. Instead, IQOS HEETS Green heating sticks are more akin to an ordinary e-cigarette. The rest thing is to know where you order them.

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