E-liquid brands of Bluebird

Did you get used to see photos of desserts on the bottles with e-liquid brands, looking at which you want to immediately escape to the confectioner’s? Designers from Bluebird like their bird more than the delicious products, and do not intend to indulge the desires of users. However, the gustatory qualities were not influenced at all. We go to watch the birds!

The basic information.
We should start a few words about the main thing. There are four multi-colored bird liquids in the vape juice brands list – a red bird, yellow, blue and a bird of happiness. Each taste is released in glass bottles with the tips of 30, 60 and e-liquid 120ml.

Blue bird

It provides the taste of cheesecake, blueberries and something else – whether waffles, or a dry biscuit, or cookies. The ideal dessert of the premium e-juice wholesale category, is not it? Something creamy, something bright and something crunchy. The guys from Bluebird just killed the intrigue in the industry, because now all the similarities of cheesecakes have to be compared with this bird, so chic e-liquid flavors turned out to be great. A rich berry sweet breath gives way to a thick creamy exhalation with a touch of biscuit. Chic, superb and delicious. Run to the store for a new portion of this cheap premium vape juice!

Yellow bird

Again cheesecake, but this time it is a lemon one, and only true gourmets recognize it as a popcorn (and it’s there, judging by the description). There is a light sourness especially for those who want to take a little break from the sweet. The aforementioned air corn is present as the lightest hint of something roasted and nothing more. The taste of cheesecake reigns unchallenged, favorably complemented by lemon freshness

Red Bird

Could someone doubt that in this category of premium fruit juice brands will do without strawberries? Add it to the cheesecake – a sacred thing, but that was not too trite; you need to “flavor” the taste of a shade of cereals. That’s where sweetness took revenge! Taste on the breath is not even the berries themselves, but strawberry jam, juicy and with a lot of sugar. The omnipresent cheesecake calms the taste buds, which once again fill the mouth with the taste of cream and something like either roasted sesame or cornflakes.

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