Caution while using the 5mg Juul pods UK system

5mg Juul pods UKHey, have some trouble-shooting advices to use 5mg Juul pods UK systems.
Too weak puffs.
If the cartridge produces steam, but not as much as it did when the new cartridge was completely refilled, you should use the advice to eliminate air bubbles.
If there is no steam at all, you must first make sure that the battery is charged. To do this, double tap JUUL and look at the LED indicator.
If it is red, then the device must be charged.

If it is not a battery charge, there may be poor contact between the battery pack and the cartridge. Over time, a small amount of condensation may accumulate at the contacts.
It can also be caused by fluid leakage due to self-refilling (which is not provided by the manufacturer) or mechanical damage to the cartridge itself.
To eliminate the liquid on the contacts, it is enough to remove the cartridge and wipe the contacts in the upper part of the battery pack and the lower part of the cartridge with a dry cloth or a cotton swab.

After complete drying, your 5mg Juul pods UK systems should work again.
If the above does not help and there is a suspicion of liquid leakage, you should carefully remove the battery, wipe it with a dry cloth and dry completely.
To remove the battery, insert a thin, blunt instrument into the bottom of the battery pack (where the charging contacts are located).
Then press slowly, after which the battery should begin to rise up and out of the case.
At the top of the battery pack is a rubber gasket to prevent liquid from entering the battery. If there is any liquid residue on it, it is also necessary to clean it.
You should also check the inside of the case, after leaks there may remain traces of fluid.
After such a cleaning, even completely flooded devices came to life and returned to service.
Attention: this procedure of complete cleaning of the device is not suitable for a dark blue JUUL, since there the battery is installed very tightly.
If all else fails, you should contact technical support to replace the faulty device with a new one.