Can You Charge An Electronic Cigarette With A Phone Charger?

As a beginner vaper, some questions come up more often than others and this is the case with the famous “phone charger”. Can you charge your electronic cigarette with your phone charger? We would tend to say yes and use our phone charger to recharge our electronic cigarettes. But be careful, there are precautions to take before!

Many vapers ask themselves the question of how to recharge an electronic cigarette? Before using a phone charger (mains charger or wall charger), first check the charge that your electronic cigarette supports. For electronic cigarettes, most models support a maximum charge of 1 A (1000 mAh). To check this, go to the instructions for use of your electronic cigarette and check the mention max charge . For most e-cigarette models, the max charge is “DC 5 Volt (1 A)”. This mention means that you can use a charger delivering a maximum charge of 1 A.

In general, whatever the charger is used to recharge an electronic cigarette, you must absolutely check the maximum charge delivered by this charger. Indeed, some chargers, in particular, the latest generation phone chargers, deliver increasingly high maximum charges. The latest generation phone chargers – with fast charging – deliver up to 5 A (amps), for example. When most electronic cigarettes only support a 1A charge. As you can see in the image below, the chargers indicate the maximum charge under the mention “OUT PUT” followed by the voltage and the amperage. Here in our example, the maximum load is “OUT PUT 5.0 V – 2.1A”. 

By using a phone charger that is not suitable, the main risk is to damage the battery of your electronic cigarette and make it unusable. Your electronic cigarette was working perfectly. You charged it with a mains charger and now there’s no way to turn it back on. The charger is not suitable. Unfortunately, damage caused by an unsuitable charger is not covered under warranty. This is why you really have to take precautions before using a mains charger to charge your electronic cigarette. Did your electronic cigarette turn off unexpectedly? You ask yourself the question: when should you recharge an electronic cigarette? Find all the answers to your questions in our electronic cigarette guide.