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In the previous e-liquid reviews, we tried to draw your attention to the best e-juice brands of Vape Wild. This is a company, promoting an idea to develop new wholesale e-juice flavors.

The main advantage for consumers is the availability of moderate e-liquid wholesale prices. Well, you can make sure after you once try to buy vape juice online. Your experience will show that you can namely order this e-liquid cheap.

We continue the reviews of their vape juice brands list.

Cinnamon Roll
Again thinking about the theme of sweets, but this time for all the fans of buns. The main thing is that the manufacturer does not forget about cinnamon in e-liquid ingredients. And if you do like the e-liquid flavors with this ingredient, then you should better immediately start with Cinnamon Roll (if you have never tried it before).

The Splurge

Probably, the manufacturer simply has an incredible dependence on cinnamon, as in the case of this e-juice, it was also necessary to use this component. The real taste of pudding with cinnamon and spices reveals all the delights of the sweet tooth. The main highlight of this liquid is the true taste of brandy, which gives it a unique aroma.

Soylent Green

Finally, the entire vape juice flavors list cannot really be limited with cinnamon. Well, there is the next taste for real connoisseurs of pistachios. Excellent nutty taste, which is slightly covered with cream, ice cream. Most likely, these are not notes of ice cream. A note of fresh whipped cream, together this cheap premium vape juice really deserves special attention for connoisseurs of nut cream.

We think you are impressed by descriptions of these premium fruit juice brands and will once try to order them to check their aromas.

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