Best e-liquid flavor concentrate – the list of English producers

10Concentrates of English production of top vape flavors are based on the following formula T-JUICE.

The best e-liquid wholesale prices are indicated for:

Red Astair is the undisputed leader of the premium e-juice wholesale: you can vape without stopping for days on end and do not get bored. Cranberry juice with notes of spices and the sheer freshness of menthol and eucalyptus is promoted as cheap e-juice online.
Black and Blue is a premium e-liquid cheap competitor of Red Astair: blueberries and grapes with anise and menthol cold on exhale.

Tangerine Dream is orange (tangerin) if present is not explicit, in a mix with a crust of free vape juice.
Cherry Choc – premium e-juice sale mix of chocolate and cherry + berry notes.
Forest Affair – a complex mix of forest berries, in the description it is claimed that cheap premium vape juice is used 10 different berries + a drop of spices.
Jack the Ripple – it is simply yummy. Raspberry with vanilla and cream. Sweet and sour taste with bitterness.

Colonel Custard is a typical cream custard) with a bit of sourness and bitter taste of spices.
Vamp Vape is an indescribable best e-liquid flavor concentrate of creamy caramel with coconut milk, yummy, but quite sweet.
Java Juice is a delicious coffee mix, vape as much as you want and it will not be boring. The very taste of coffee is not ugly, as it usually happens, but cream and coconut complement it nicely.
TY 4 – Classical mix of classic RY4 with some nutty delicacies and a light haze.
Strawberri – a strawberry-raspberry creamy mix. It is a good mix for lovers of strawberry cocktails.
Pomme Pom – Apple mix.
Minty the Toff – there is something in common with Vamp Vape, probably the taste of caramel, but at the same time there is an iris and freshness of mint. It is simply a delicious dessert.
Bubble Gun – A mixture of the taste of chewing gum and candy.
High Voltage – A rich, explosive mix of many bright colors: liqueur cherry, almond, menthol. It’s cool to get in the evening, for a cup of tea.
Quint Essence – A thick, viscous taste of grapes with notes of cognac. It looks like Black’n’Blue but without chill. You can vape from time to time.