BEC Pro – the positive aspects

BEC Pro – the positive aspects

This e-cigarette is attractive for many smokers due to many spectacular features it provides. It belongs to the best-in-class power range up to 50 watts. The e-cig demonstrates consistent performance from the beginning to the end of the battery’s life.

This means an excellent vaping process as long as you prefer. Heavy stainless steel construction contributes to longer usage of the cigarettes and will tolerate a rough handling.

BEC Pro provides the best flavors when you’re in a hurry. A massive puffs process means that you’ll be busy vaping for more than one night. Choose from our acclaimed E-Liquid range with flavors such as Blue Crush, Pineapple Plunge, Apple Grape Breeze, Red Mist and Purple Rain. Electronic Cigarettes start here.

The Electronic Cigarette market is constantly expanding and it is the vendors’ goal to strengthen with it. That is why innovative devices constantly appear to improve the style of e-smoking. It is already a tradition to amaze faithful customer with brilliant ideas year after year.

The only truly negative aspect of the BEC Pro is the fact that it impossible to keep the Bluetooth connected consistently. We paired the BEC Pro with a fifth-generation iPod Touch running iOS 7 and found that it constantly lost its connection after several minutes of not using it.As we were curious about this phenomenon, we contacted SMOK about this and were explained that the BEC Pro is created to disable Bluetooth after ten minutes of inactivity.

Although this basically conserves battery life, it makes the BEC Pro a difficult device to use if you want to date your e-cigarette usage precisely. If you pick up the BEC Pro and forget to reconnect it with the app, the device won’t save your data. It would be nice if the BEC Pro had a little bit of flash memory and could continue tracking your usage when the connection with the app was lost. Perhaps that’s something SMOK will introduce into a future version of the device. Time will show!